Zak Portlock-Thorogood

    Reviews, Facebook Content (Jedi News), Roving Reporter (Jedi News Network)

    It was my dad who initially introduced me to the saga as he was trying to educate me with as many classic films as possible. However my primary spark of fandom was really born in the summer of 2008 when my Uncle had come over to visit from Zurich, Switzerland, where he used to reside. I was on the summer holidays from junior school from at the time I was 9 years old. A new animated film called Star Wars The Clone Wars had hit the silver screen so it seemed a perfect excuse to go out. My uncle was already a bit of a Star Wars fan and I had only recently been introduced, so after deciding to invite my mum and brother along we set off. My memory from that age is a bit fussy so I can't quite remember the details of the whole day. But what I can remember on that day is, how my life got changed. I walked out of that cinema feeing like Iíd just been reborn into another universe, another life.

    And so it started. From that point on my love of life became Star Wars. My brother and mum always said that ìoh itís just a fadî and ìyouíll grow out of it one day. Grow out of it I asked? The only thing I intended on was growing into it...and thatís what I did.

    I'd really try and collect anything I could get my hands on, whether it was the weekly Clone Wars comic releases or the odd find at my grandmaís charity shop. Fast forward through 5 years of dedicated fandom and I start writing for Jedi News which was April of 2013. It was at this point that my obsession turned into a passion and my love of Star Wars started to mature into another level of knowledge.

    I started out mainly as a reviewer for the site, reviewing the Dark Horses weekly comic publications. Then I gained access to the Facebook page and started it growing into more Likes, and then over time I have become a general staff writer for the site, while still co-running the Facebook page. Over the past year I have also started taking the role of events photographer for the likes of the MCM comic con expos, Farthest From events and hopefully now future Celebrations and whatever I can make it to.

    Currently I am studying A level Media, Film, English Combined and Btec Business with which I hope to go on to work my way into the film and media business. I have a growing knowledge in these fields through completing work experience at Double Negative visual effects, Sunday Express and Black Sun plc.

    Every day I feel grateful for being a member of Team Jedi News (despite being the youngest on the team). It has opened up so many experiences and opportunities, where by I've met so many people and most important of all what I would consider my second family - Team Jedi News.

    That's what I really love about Star Wars, it's not just a film, it's a way of life.

    Brian Cameron
    Brian is an obsessive collector of Star Wars books, comics, and magazines. With a collection extending into the tens of thousands, he is obsessed by variants, and the more obscure a publication the better! Brian was the Literature Editor for Jedi News, and was also host of the podcast Take Cover on the Jedi News Network until August 2017. Brian stepped down from Jedi News in August 2017 for personal reasons. At the end of October 2017 he was part of the team that launched Fantha Tracks.