Justin LaSalata

    US General News Editor & Reporter (Jedi News)

    The year was 1983. The movie was Return of the Jedi. The scene was a high-octane speeder bike chase thru the lush woods of Endor. The result? The birth of Star Wars fandom in a 6-year old boy that continues to grow and develop with each passing year.

    Justin's contributions to the Star Wars fan community have been numerous over the years. From providing reports from conventions including Star Wars Celebration, New York Comic Con, New York Toy Fair, and other Star Wars-related events, to snapping pictures of various Star Wars products located on retail store shelves, Justin does his best to try and keep his finger on the pulse of the Star Wars galaxy and share his findings with his fellow fans.

    His other passions in life include the New York Jets (he would run to make a deal with Darth Sidious in a nanosecond if it resulted in a Super Bowl ring), New York Rangers and the Indiana Jones franchise.

    Adam Lamping
    Adam launched Jedi News in 2007 along with James Burns, and together swiftly built the site into the UK's number one Star Wars destination. He stepped away from Jedi News in 2011 to become a contributor at Rebelscum.