Beth Aston

    Beth has been a fan of Star Wars since she was very young, after watching the original trilogy countless times with her father growing up. She was not lucky enough to have been around when they first came out at the cinema, however as she was growing up she got to experience the prequels on the big screen, and that helped her Star Wars fandom grow exponentially. This lead to discovering the LucasArts video games based on the movies, such as Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II and the various prequel titles. Becoming a Jedi became her dream from that point.

    Since then, her love for the Star Wars galaxy has expanded and continued to flourish, especially via her passion for their video game offshoots. This has included many, many (many) hours playing the LEGO Star Wars games, and more recently discovering the Knights of the Old Republic series (and in turn, the Old Republic MMORPG). She has an appreciation for the depth of the older titles, as well as an excitement for what is to come in the future.

    Beth lives in England, and when she's not playing games she is a photographer who enjoys astronomy and viewing the stars.

    She is particularly fond of droids.

    Adam Lamping
    Adam launched Jedi News in 2007 along with James Burns, and together swiftly built the site into the UK's number one Star Wars destination. He stepped away from Jedi News in 2011 to become a contributor at Rebelscum.