Adam D Bram

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    Adam D. Bram (a.k.a. The Nilbog) is an aspiring writer, actor, and director. He has a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Performance, and wrote extensively for his college’s newspaper.

    For many years, all Adam knew of Star Wars was the Jabba’s Palace sequence from Return of the Jedi, which was one of many omnipresent films on the Betamax his parents had when he was a toddler.

    In 1997, at the tender age of 11, Adam used the release of the Special Edition to finally see what this Star Wars thing was that everyone was talking about, and his life was changed forever. He ate up every second, bought up every toy, even cast his fifth-grade class as characters from the then-trilogy (Protip: Never cast your crush as Sy Snootles. She will not understand).

    Adam’s favorite film in the saga is unabashedly The Phantom Menace, the only Star Wars film he was lucky enough to see on opening day. While Yoda is his favorite character of the saga, he identifies most with Jar Jar Binks (his fourth favorite).

    Adam lives with his wife in Providence, Rhode Island USA (a wife who was gracious enough to allow “Across the Stars” as their wedding processional). When not immersed in the Galaxy Far, Far Away, he works as a Job Coach for young adults with Asperger’s Syndrome (after being diagnosed with the disorder himself in late 2010), plays World of Warcraft, writes and manages the self-indulgent blog “Nilbog’s Storybook Land”, and attempts (often in vain) to complete his novel. He secretly hopes that the production of the new Star Wars films will lead to open auditions.

    Brian Cameron
    Brian is an obsessive collector of Star Wars books, comics, and magazines. With a collection extending into the tens of thousands, he is obsessed by variants, and the more obscure a publication the better! Brian was the Literature Editor for Jedi News, and was also host of the podcast Take Cover on the Jedi News Network until August 2017. Brian stepped down from Jedi News in August 2017 for personal reasons. At the end of October 2017 he was part of the team that launched Fantha Tracks.