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Lucasfilm Developing a Willow Series for Disney+

Ron Howard has confirmed that Lucasfilm are in discussions with Disney to bring a new Willow TV show to Disney+.

Willow Arrives on Digital Platforms to Commemorate 30th Anniversary

To celebrate the 30th Anniversary of Willow, the film is now available to download on digital platforms, as well as a new Blu-ray with new logo.

Lucasfilm Working on Willow Sequel Without Ron Howard

Lucasfilm appear to be exploring a sequel to Willow, although Ron Howard isn't involved.

Willow at 30 with Visual Effects Wizards Inc. Dennis Muren

At a 30th anniversary screening of Willow at Lucasfilm, ILM veterans Dennis Muren, Jean Bolte, and Doug Smythe shared insights about the VFX in the film.

Ron Howard Confirms ‘Willow’ Sequel Discussions

Here's what Ron Howard said, whilst talking to ComicBook.com, about a potential sequel to 1988's Willow....

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