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Vanity Fair: Rian Johnson On What To Expect (And Not) In ‘The Last Jedi’

Johnson tells it like it is when it comes to The Last Jedi content.

Vanity Fair: Adam Driver’s Laser Focus When Playing Kylo Ren

No time for messing around when the cameras start rolling.

Vanity Fair: Yep, Mark Hamill Is A Big ‘Star Wars’ Fan

He may wield the power of the Force, but he's also a Star Wars super fan like you and me.

Vanity Fair: More Details On ‘The Last Jedi’ Photos From Pablo Hidalgo

He gives readers new information on Annie Leibovitz's stunning photo shoot.

Vanity Fair: Kennedy & Johnson Dodge ‘The Last Jedi’ Title Questions

One? More than one? Who knows!

Vanity Fair: Pablo Hidalgo Talks Lightsabers

Pablo answers some questions on the coolest weapon in the galaxy.

Recap Of Vanity Fair’s ‘The Last Jedi’ Reddit Q&A Session

David Kamp provides answers to some of your The Last Jedi questions.

Name Of New Casino City In ‘The Last Jedi’ Revealed

Time to learn a new Star Wars location name from The Last Jedi.

Vanity Fair ‘The Last Jedi’ Full Portfolio & Featured Story

The coverage we've all been waiting for has arrived!

Vanity Fair Reveals Four ‘The Last Jedi’ Covers For 40th Anniversary Of ‘Star Wars’

Vanity Fair have revealed four special covers to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Star Wars, by previewing this years release - The Last Jedi.

Vanity Fair Focus On Rogue One‘s VFX Guru John Knoll

John Knoll - the man you can thank for Rogue One

Vanity Fair Profile Kathleen Kennedy

Vanity Fair have published an indepth profile with Kathleen Kennedy, including an interview with Kathleen, and comment from many of her colleagues over an...

See the Vanity Fair Star Wars Portrait That Reveals Two Brand-New Characters

Vanity Fair are recapping their May exclusive The Force Awakens photoshoot by Annie Leibovitz.As we now know it features two characters, Bazine and "The...

Vanity Fair The Force Awakens Interview With Pablo Hidalgo

You know him. You love him (and deeply miss him on Twitter these days). He is instantly recognizable and recently spent some time...

Vanity Fair The Force Awakens Interview With John Williams

Vanity Fair's coverage of The Force Awakens continues today with their latest Web Extra by writer Bruce Handy - an interview with one of...

Updated Collection Of Vanity Fair The Force Awakens Articles

Click the "Show Full Story" link above for the latest updated collection of all the articles pertaining to Vanity Fair's can't-miss coverage of The Force...

Vanity Fair The Force Awakens Interview With Kathleen Kennedy

Vanity Fair's Bruce Handy has been quite the busy man these days as he has had the pleasure of interviewing some of the biggest heavyweights...

Vanity Fair Interview With The Force Awakens Costume Designer Michael Kaplan

Head on over to Vanity Fair for a new Web Extra interview writer Bruce Handy recently conducted with Michael Kaplan, costume designer for...

Lawrence Kasdan Chats With Vanity Fair On Lando, The Force Awakens Runtime

More Star Wars goodness continues to come our way via Vanity Fair courtesy of this latest Web Extra interview with Lawrence Kasdan that...

Collection Of Vanity Fair June 2015 The Force Awakens Stories

In case you weren't able to follow along with each story as it was initially posted, below is a collection of all the...

Full Bruce Handy Vanity Fair Interview With J.J. Abrams

Yesterday we were able to provide you with a sneak peek at Bruce Handy's interview with director J.J. Abrams that was conducted for...

Sneak Peek At Bruce Handy’s Vanity Fair Interview With J.J. Abrams

We just received the following update via an email sent to Vanity Fair newsletter subscribers pertaining to more The Force Awakens goodness....

Watch The Force Awakens Cast On Set For Vanity Fair Cover Shoot

Our pal Paul Bateman points us in the direction of this great video: Watch the "Star Wars" Cast on Set for "Vanity Fair's"...

The Cast of Star Wars: The Force Awakens On The Cover Of Vanity Fair

Star Wars returns to the cover of Vanity Fair, once again photographed by the legendary Annie Leibovitz. Chewie, they’re home....

Story On Mellody Hobson In Latest Issue Of Vanity Fair

Point your web browser towards Vanity Fair for a preview of a piece that was recently done on Mellody Hobson, the highly successful business...

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