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Trends International Adds More Posters Featuring The Mandalorian & The Child

Check out the latest designs for this dynamic duo.

The Child 16-Month 2020 Wall Calendar From Trends International

Let The Child guide you through 2020.

New Trends International Posters Featuring The Child From The Mandalorian

Spice up your home or office with these new posters.

Ahsoka Tano “Fire” Poster From The Clone Wars Coming From Trends International

Soon everyone will be able to own a copy of this poster from Celebration.

TFNY 2019: Trends International

Image Gallery from New York Toy Fair, featuring products from Trends International.

More Details On Trends International At SDCC 2018

You'll definitely want to visit their SDCC booth.

SDCC 2018: Trends International Exclusive Russell Walks Poster

They also will have a booth inside the Lucasfilm pavilion.

Images Of ‘Solo’ Calendars & Poster From Trends International

Be a monthly scoundrel in 2019.

TFNY 2018: Trends International, Vintage Kenner Action Figure Calendar

You gotta check out this vintage Kenner wall calendar.

New ‘The Last Jedi’ Calendars From Trends International

Check out their selection of 2018 The Last Jedi calendars.

TFNY 2016: Trends International

Team Jedi News are covering the floor at Toy Fair New York 2016, bringing you the latest news via our Jedi News LIVE...

TFNY 2015: Rubies, Santoki, SD Toys, ThinkGeek, Tinbbox, Trends

Here's the next six galleries of images from last weekends New York Toy Fair covering everything from Rubies to Trends: Rubies...

‘Star Wars’ Saga 2015 365-Day Desk Calendar

Expanding a little further on our initial story that briefly touched on the assortment of 2015 'Star Wars' calendars that will be arriving later towards...

Star Wars Saga 2014 Poster Calendar

With everything that's happening in the Star Wars universe right now, how can you not want a fresh, shiny 2014 calendar at...

New Angry Birds Star Wars Items from Trends International

Trends International has some new Angry Birds Star Wars items available for sale on their website, including bookmarks, calendars, and posters. Check...

Star Wars 2013 Calendar Assortment

We're rapidly closing in on the end of 2012, and you know what that means: time to start searching for those 2013 Star...

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