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Toys ‘R’ Us Opens Revamped Store in New Jersey, More Stores Planned For 2020

Two new retail store locations are opening by the end of this year with more on the way in 2020.

Toys ‘R’ Us Launches New Website, Partners With Target

The retail toy giant has spun up a brand new website.

Toys ‘R’ Us – Reborn in the USA

After closing all their stores in the US (and UK) last year, the chain will be reborn in the USA with the opening of two new stores in time for the holiday season.

Toys ‘R’ Us to Reopen Some US Stores in 2019

Toys 'R' Us are set to open six stores in the USA before the end of 2019.

Toys ‘R’ Us Likens Itself to “a little start-up company”

Toys 'R' Us Likens Itself to “a little start-up company”.

Are Former Toys ‘R’ Us Execs Reviving The Bankrupt Retailer?

Will Tru Kids, armed with the ownership rights to the Toys 'R' Us and Babies 'R' Us trademarks, bring the brand back?

Toys ‘R’ Us Asia Plans to Open 60 New Stores

Jo Hall, Toys 'R' Us Asia’s chief commercial officer for Greater China and Southeast Asia, said they have plans to open over 60 new stores this year.

Toys ‘R’ Us Returning Under New Brand Name Geoffrey’s Toy Box

The company will be re-launched under a new name.

Will the Toys ‘R’ Us Brand Be Revived?

Toy News are reporting that the revival of Toys 'R' Us as a brand is looking likely.

Walmart Wants To Replace Toys ‘R’ Us

Walmart is taking aggressive steps to fill the void left by Toys 'R' Us.

Toys ‘R’ Us France Enters Receivership, Still Going Strong In Canada & Israel

The French subsidiary of the US toy retail giant Toys 'R' Us will be placed into receivership following the liquidation of its parent company.

Toy Association’s Fall Toy Preview ‘Game Changer’ As Retailers Surge To Fill TRU Void

October's Toy Association’s Fall Toy Preview, hosted in Texas, has seen a 23% surge in registered retailers compared to the same period last year, and 42% of those registered did not attend the 2017 event.

Are Plans For A Toys ‘R’ Us Revival In The Works?

Is the the depression only temporary?

New 6″ Black Series Captain Phasma Found At Toys ‘R’ Us Canada

New Captain Phasma (Quicksilver Baton) 6" Black Series figure found at Toys 'R' Us in Ontario, Canada.

Former Toys ‘R’ Us CEO Linked To Chain’s Revival In US

Apparently the former TRU CEO Jeremy Storch has been working with multiple investors on a plan to reboot the retailer in the US.

Could Toys ‘R’ Us Be Saved In France, Spain and Portugal?

Could Toys 'R' Us in France, Spain and Portugal still be saved?

Toys ‘R’ Us Australia To Close Down After Failure To Find Buyer

The Australian arm of the Toys 'R' Us has 44 stores across the country and employs around 700 people. All will be closed over the coming weeks.

Toys ‘R’ Us Goes Under Down Under

Toys 'R' Us operates 44 retail stores across Australia and employs about 700 permanent staff. No employee positions are affected by the voluntary administration

MGA’s Isaac Larian Gives Up Battle For Toys ‘R’ Us Rescue

MGA Entertainment CEO Isaac Larian has officially thrown in the towel in his mission to rescue Toys 'R' Us from liquidation in the US.

Toys ‘R’ Us Executives Clear Out “Unusually Early” In Retailer’s Wind-Down Process

Toys 'R' Us CEO David Brandon, as well as members of the company’s leadership team, will each be leaving their posts ahead of the completed wind down.

NPD Reports 13% Rise In US Toy Sales Despite Toys ‘R’ Us Liquidation

Despite concerns surrounding the demise of Toys 'R' Us, consumers have spent more money on buying toys during what has been described as ‘the most turbulent period in living memory in the toy business.’

Toys ‘R’ Us Gets Court Nod For Fairfax Sale In Canada

Toys 'R' Us in Canada has received US & Canadian court approval for its sale to Fairfax Financial Holdings Limited.

Mattel: Barbie & Hot Wheels Softens Toys ‘R’ Us Blow

Mattel's revenue dip beats analyst expectations as Barbie and Hot Wheels are just flying off the shelves.

Toys ‘R’ Us Sets Aside $156m Fund For Trade Claims & Vendors

$156m fund put aside by Toys 'R' Us fails to cover total trade claims, worth roughly $760 million, said lawyers representing trade vendors as a US Bankruptcy Court in Richmond.

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