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Black Friday Comes Early At Toys ‘R’ Us In UK

Until midnight tonight, you can save 20% off all Toys, Bikes, Baby Care and Wheels at site sponsor Toys 'R' Us (UK), and only in-store for 1 day only.

‘The Black Series’ Wave 2 Arrives At Toys ‘R’ Us UK This Weekend!

Wave 2 of The Black Series arrives at Toys 'R' Us in the UK.

‘Star Wars’ Collectors Cast : Episode 79

Join James Burns and guests Skywalking Through Neverland & Mark Newbold for Star Wars Collectors Cast, as they discuss/dissect Force Friday II in London and Los Angeles.

Toyworld Mag: Toys ‘R’ Us Debt Deepens Decline As News Reports Infer Bankruptcy

Rumours continue to swell that Toys 'R' Us are heading for a financial iceberg (in USA and Canada only).

Force Friday II: Toys ‘R’ Us Oldbury Store Report

The Force arrived last Friday to the Oldbury branch of Toys 'R' Us.

Toys ‘R’ Us UK – ‘The Last Jedi’ Products Available Now

Site sponsor Toys 'R' Us has you covered with all the latest products from The Last Jedi.

Force Friday II: Toys ‘R’ Us UK Midnight Madness Opening Events

Site sponsor Toys 'R' Us will be opening the doors for Force Friday II at five stores - Cardiff Bay, Warrington, Medway, Oldbury and Glasgow Helen Street.

Pre-order Radio Flyer Landspeeder Exclusively At Toys ‘R’ Us UK

Pre-order Luke Skywalker 12V Landspeeder now, exclusively from Toys 'R' Us.

‘Star Wars’ Day – Toys ‘R’ Us UK Deals (Now With Full List)

Lots of savings for 'Star Wars' Day at Toys 'R' Us UK.

Toys ‘R’ Us UK – 25% Off Selected ‘Star Wars’

25% Off Selected Star Wars, Frozen & Moana products at Toys 'R' Us in the UK.

Saw Gerrera To Appear In ‘Star Wars Rebels’

The weary warrior from The Clone Wars will be joining the cast of Star Wars Rebels.

New LEGO Star Wars Sets Available Now At Toys ‘R’ Us UK

New 2017 LEGO Star Wars Sets Available Now At Toys 'R' Us UK with Special Offers too!

Win With 15 Days Of Star Wars At Toys ‘R’ Us UK

Win every day through to December 15th with Toys 'R' Us UK and the release of Rogue One.

Incredible Exclusives at Toys ‘R’ Us UK

Check out the incredible range of products you can only buy at Toys 'R' Us (not available anywhere else)!

Win A Life-sized Stormtrooper With Toys ‘R’ Us UK

Win a life-sized First Order Stormtrooper or Imperial Death Trooper with Toys 'R' Us UK.

Toys ‘R’ Us UK ‘Star Wars’ LEGO Promotion – Giveaway & Savings

Check out the latest Toys 'R' Us LEGO Star Wars offer

Toys ‘R’ Us Confirm Hasbro Exclusives In UK This Winter

Here is a list of the confirmed Hasbro Star Wars exclusives coming to the UK this winter.

Toys ‘R’ Us LEGO Promotions For October 2016

Check out the TRU exclusives for October 2016

Toys ‘R’ us Exclusive 6″ Black Series Hover Tank Exclusive In UK

Exclusive to Toys 'R' Us in the UK, here's the 6" Imperial Hovertank Pilot...

Go Rogue: Brent Cross Toys ‘R’ Us

Brent Cross was the location for one of five Rogue Friday launches across the UK...

Go Rogue: The Force Invades Toys ‘R’ Us Austin

Teresa travelled to Toys 'R' Us in ??? for Go Rogue festivities...

12.25am Brent Cross Toys ‘R’ Us Update

Rogue One product proved very popular at Brent Cross, Toys 'R' Us - Check out the shelves 25 minutes into Rogue Friday.

Rogue Friday Is Here!!!

Our very own Mark Newbold and Zak PT were there at midnight as the doors to Toys 'R' Us, Brent Cross were opened!

11.38pm At Toys ‘R’ Us Brent Cross, UK

Queue at 11.38pm - Toys 'R' Us Brent Cross, UK

11pm At Toys ‘R’ Us Brent Cross, UK

Crowds begin to form at 11pm - Toys 'R' Us Brent Cross, UK

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