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UK Toy Fair 2017 – Sambro

Star Wars Stationary, Swimming items and more from Sambro.

UK Toy Fair 2017 – Amerang

Amerang had a wide range of products on display including lots from Hot Toys including their 1:4 scale hand-made Darth Vader.

UK Toy Fair 2017 – Wow Stuff

We were 'wowed' by what Wow Stuff showed us is coming in 2017.

UK Toy Fair 2017 – Bladez Toys

Bladez Toys head into 2017 with a new logo, an award for best action toys, and some new Star Wars products too

UK Toy Fair 2017 – Tobar

If metal toys are your thing, then Tobar have some old-fashioned toys products to delight

UK Toy Fair 2017 – Revell

As well as the 40th Anniversary packaging of Star Wars, Revell had lots of other new stuff on display

UK Toy Fair 2017 – Click Distribution

Lots of Star Wars products available from Click Distribution

UK Toy Fair 2017 – Posh Paws

Time to cuddle up with Posh Paws

UK Toy Fair 2017 – vtech

Look who won the best Tech award at the UK Toy Fair with their First Order Stormtrooper Watch (BB-8 also available)

UK Toy Fair 2017 – Re:creation

Light up your world with these LEGO torches and key-rings from Re:creation

UK Toy Fair 2017 – Bestway

What's the 'best way' to inflate this?

UK Toy Fair 2017 – Esdevium Games

It's time to roll the dice and see what's new with games at Esdevium

UK Toy Fair 2017 – Underground Toys

Next up from the UK Toy Fair is Underground Toys (Funko)

UK Toy Fair 2017 – Winning Moves

First up with our UK Toy Fair galleries is Winning Moves

UK Toy Fair 2017

It is Toy Fair season - and we went to the UK Toy Fair to see what's new....

UK Toy Fair 2015: The Force Awakens Blu-ray Coming Spring/Summer 2016

Team Jedi News is on the ground at the 2015 UK Toy Fair, bringing you all the latest news/products that will be...

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