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Adam Savage’s Tested: Star Wars Creature Busts and Replicas from Regal Robot!

Adam Savage's Tested catches up with Tom Spina and his team at Regal Robot at San Diego Comic-Con.

Inside Adam Savage’s Cave: Star Wars Tauntaun Statue!

Adam Savage looks at Regal Robot's Tauntaun, based of the original Phil Tippett design, from Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back.

Tom Spina Designs Restore Original Chewbacca/Malla Mask from the Holiday Special

Tom Spina Designs have restored the original Chewbacca/Malla mask used in Star Wars: A New Hope and The Star Wars Holiday Special.

New Carbonite Inspired Furniture & Decor From Regal Robot

Some great new products, inspired by the Carbon Freezing Chamber on Bespin, from the fine artisans at Regal Robot and Tom Spina Designs available now.

Restoring the Magic: An Interview With Tom Spina From Regal Robot

The Haunted Cinema go behind the scenes of cinema restoration for an interview with Tom Spina from Tom Spina Designs & Regal Robot.

SDCC 2018: Interview With Tom Spina From Regal Robot

Learn about their new Magic Wheelchair rancor project and more.

Tom Spina Reddit AMA Answers

Tom Spina answered your questions on Reddit on November 10th, here are his answers.

Official Site: How Tom Spina and Regal Robot Are Bringing ‘Star Wars’ Home

Tom Spina and Regal Robot are the focus on this article over at the official site.

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