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Solo & The Last Jedi Ultimate Guides Available from Titan Magazines

Titan Comics are delighted to be publishing two new Ultimate Guides this week from Solo: A Star Wars Story and Star Wars: The Last Jedi,

‘Star Wars’ Insider: We Need You!

Star Wars Insider has sent out an appeal for fan contributions for the coming issues.

Pre-order ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’ The Official Collector’s Edition From Titan!

Relive the excitement of Solo: A Star Wars Story with this lavishly illustrated movie companion on sale in July.

Free Comic Book Day 2018

Today‘s the day to get out there and support your local comic book store. Jedi News visited Forbidden Planet International (aka FPI) in Wolverhampton, UK to see what was on offer.

‘Star Wars’ Insider #177 Out Now With 2 Exclusive ‘Star Wars: Destiny’ Cards

Thanks to their friends at Fantasy Flight, every issue of Insider comes with 2 FREE, EXCLUSIVE Star Wars: Destiny cards featuring Poe Dameron & Captain Phasma.

Rogue One Official Collector’s Edition Magazine

Add to your Rogue One enjoyment with this new Collectors Edition magazine.

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