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Jon Favreau Shares Photo of R5-D4 Droid From The Mandalorian

Another iconic OT droid will be making an appearance in the Disney+ series.

Report: Stunt Coordinator Ryan Watson Joins The Mandalorian

We could be in for some high-flying Mando action.

First Look at Disney+ Coming in April at Disney Investors Day

Disney will host an Investors Day on April 11th, and it has been suggested that they will showcase their new streaming service Disney+.

Jon Favreau Shares Photo of Familiar Bounty Hunter From The Mandalorian

A familiar OT character will be appearing in this new live-action series.

Ludwig Göransson To Compose Score For The Mandalorian Series

The man behind the Mando music has been revealed.

Pedro Pascal Shares The Mandalorian Sketches by Dave Filoni on Social Media

Some early concept artwork from Dave himself.

Lucasfilm Officially Announces The Mandalorian Series Cast

Our Mando live-action cast has been revealed.

Report: Nick Nolte Joins Cast Of The Mandalorian

Another Hollywood heavyweight is reportedly part of the GFFA.

Anthony and Joe Russo on Set of The Mandalorian with Jon Favreau

Who's that with Jon Favreau on the set of The Mandalorian? Glad you asked....

Rumor: Carl Weathers Is Part Of The Mandalorian Cast

An 80's leading man is rumored to be attached to this Star Wars project.

Report: Gina Carano Joins The Mandalorian Cast

Looks like Favreau's new series may be adding some serious toughness to it.

Sources: Pedro Pascal In Negotiations For Lead Role In The Mandalorian Series

The new Mando-centric series may have found one of its leads.

Report: Equipment Stolen From Set Of The Mandalorian

Sensitive filming gear has gone unaccounted for.

Dave Filoni Poses With George Lucas & Jon Favreau On The Mandalorian Set

A powerhouse Star Wars threesome.

George Lucas Visits The Mandalorian Set For Jon Favreau’s Birthday

No doubt Favreau remembers this birthday for the rest of his life.

ILM’s Rob Bredow Talks VFX in Solo and The Mandalorian

Ahead of his View Conference keynote on October 23rd, Rob Bredow spoke to Variety about the future of VFX and playing in the Star Wars galaxy.

Design Influence For The Weapon From The Mandalorian TV Series

A bit more on the genesis behind the design of this weapon.

Jon Favreau Shares Photos Of Props From The Mandalorian On Instagram

Some very familiar props here.

RUMOR: Taika Waititi, Bryce Dallas Howard To Play Characters In The Mandalorian

Sources say they will be pulling double duty on this new live-action series.

First Official Photo, Details From Jon Favreau’s The Mandalorian Series

This character is not to be messed with.

The Mandalorian Is The Name Of Jon Favreau’s Star Wars Series

We have a name and basic plot description folks!

RUMOR: Pedro Pascal Eyed For Central Role In Jon Favreau’s Star Wars Series

The Game of Thrones actor may be joining another fantasy world.

RUMOR: Dave Filoni, Alan Taylor To Direct Episodes Of Jon Favreau’s Star Wars Series

Some directorial rumors for the new live-action series.

Rumor: Jon Favreau’s Live-Action Series To Focus On Mandalorians

We might be learning more about the world of the Mandos in 2019.

Jon Favreau’s Live-Action Series To Have An Estimated $100M Budget For 10 Episodes

The price tag for each episode from Favreau has been revealed.

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