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Building A Three-Quarter Scale X-wing

Check out this three-quarter portion of X-wing.

The Bearded Trio: Win John Williams Soundtrack Compilation 2 Disc CD

Enter The Bearded Trio's latest comp to win a copy of John Williams Soundtracks.

The Bearded Trio: Competition – Win A John Rhys-Davies Signed Photo

Our friends at The Bearded Trio are running an awesome competition.

The Bearded Trio: Experiencing That John Williams Moment

Rob Wainfur investigates just what a 'John Williams moment' is.

A Return to 1977. Cast Members Talking About ‘Star Wars’ In 1977

Check out Rob Wainfur's montage of interviews from the early days of Star Wars.

Unboxing John Williams & Steven Spielberg: The Ultimate Collection CD Album

Rob at The Bearded Trio unboxes some maestro goodness.

Leah Adler: A Tribute By The Bearded Trio

Steven Spielberg's mother has passed away aged 96 and The Bearded Trio pay tribute.

The Bearded Trio: Han Solo Logo Was Used By Lucasarts Long Before A Movie...

Han Solo is coming but he almost arrived a few years back, in a different format

The Bearded Trio: The Rebellion Through A Different Lens

The Bearded Trio looks at the Rebel Alliance through a different lens

The Bearded Trio: Win A Copy Of Rogue Leaders

Visit our great pals at The Bearded Trio for the chance to win a copy of Rogue Leaders

Code Name Magic Roundabout: Building The Full Size Millennium Falcon For Empire

Watch the construction of the Falcon as it took shape at Pembroke Dock in Wales

Steve’s Star Wars News

Join Steve Potter for the latest Steve's Star Wars News

Steve’s Star Wars News Roundup

Join Steve Potter for his latest news roundup over at The Bearded Trio

The Bearded Trio Book Review: Star Wars FAQ

Via our great pals over at the ever-awesome The Bearded Trio here's Lisa Dullard's review of Star Wars FAQ: Everything Left to...

The Bearded Trio: Quickfire Questions With Eric Blythe and Eric Geller

Rob over at the ever-excellent The Bearded Trio has a double whammy of guests this week, as the two Eric's Blythe and...

The Bearded Trio: Quick Fire Questions – Jimmy Mac Of Rebel Force Radio

Jimmy Mac answers 15 questions over at The Bearded Trio

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