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Bob Iger Gives Personal Tour of Galaxy’s Edge to Kathleen Kennedy, Steven Spielberg &...

Disney boss Bob Iger knows how to impress his friends by giving them a personal tour of Galaxy's Edge, with creator Scott Trowbridge.

‘Star Wars’ Is In Fact Referenced In ‘Ready Player One’

The GFFA is included in this nostalgia-filled film after all.

Steven Spielberg Couldn’t Get ‘Star Wars’ Rights For ‘Ready Player One’

Steven Spielberg’s nostalgia-filled sci-fi epic Ready Player One is packed full of references to many of pop culture’s iconic franchises, but it's missing maybe the most well-known in Star Wars.

Mysterious Trailer Teases ‘Close Encounters Of The Third Kind’ Re-Release

Watch the skies, a classic may be about to return.

Unboxing John Williams & Steven Spielberg: The Ultimate Collection CD Album

Rob at The Bearded Trio unboxes some maestro goodness.

Preview Track From ‘John Williams & Steven Spielberg: The Ultimate Collection’

Listen to a track from a new CD set featuring some of the best collaborative work from John Williams and Steven Spielberg.

Leah Adler: A Tribute By The Bearded Trio

Steven Spielberg's mother has passed away aged 96 and The Bearded Trio pay tribute.

Leah Adler, Mother Of Steven Spielberg, Has Died At Age 97

A former concert pianist and painter, Leah Adler died at her home in Los Angeles surrounded by her family.

Two Ideas Steven Spielberg Suggested For Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Steven Spielberg added some pepper to the sizzling steak that was The Force Awakens

Empire Online: Movie Movements That Defined Cinema: The Movie Brats

The Movie Brats defined an era of movie history and continue to cast a broad shadow today...

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