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Create Your Own Star Wars Jack-O’-Lantern

Are you thinking of carving your own Star Wars themed pumpkin this Halloween? We have the templates you’re looking for!

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Updates in the StarWars.com Databank

StarWars.com have updated their Databank with details of the characters, ships and locations featured at Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge.

8 Star Wars Books and Comics to Expand Your Love of the Saga

Amy Ratcliffe has highlighted 8 Star Wars books and comics that may just change how you see the main characters portrayal on screen.

Vader Immortal: Mobile Device Wallpapers

Star Wars.com have released mobile device wallpapers for the upcoming Vader Immortal.

Poll: Which Lightsaber Is Your Favorite?

Now this is a difficult question; Which Lightsaber Is Your Favorite? But the team over at StarWars.com are trying to work out which one we all prefer.

Celebrate Star Wars Reads All October!

We're sure many of you don't need an excuse to read about Star Wars, but this October, Star Wars Reads encourages us to celebrate doing just that!

Vote For Star Wars In 2019 Webby Awards!

Vote for Star Wars & StarWars.com in the prestigious Webby Awards -- punch it!

Designing Star Wars Resistance

Kristin Baver talks with Amy Beth Christenson, the art director on Star Wars Resistance, about kit bashing Ace's Racers, how Flix relates to the Ewoks, and how BB-8 was reimagined.

For Inkkas, the Future of Star Wars is Female

Kristin Baver over at StarWars.com has gone behind the scenes at shoe company Inkkas.

Star Wars: Best of 2018

The writers over at the official site at StarWars.com discuss the year's biggest releases and moments.

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