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Star Wars Insider Publishing Schedule Changes

COVID-19 is having an impact on everything from TV show filming, travel, and publishing, and Titan have announced a revised schedule for Star Wars Insider.

Cover for Star Wars Insider #194 Showcases The First Order from The Rise of...

The subscriber cover for issue #194 of Star Wars Insider features The First Order and Supreme Leader Kylo Ren, with his fixed helmet, as seen in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.

Star Wars Celebration Chicago 2019: Two Variant Covers For Star Wars Insider #189

Add these two variant covers to your Insider collection.

‘Star Wars’ Insider: We Need You!

Star Wars Insider has sent out an appeal for fan contributions for the coming issues.

Pre-order ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’ The Official Collector’s Edition From Titan!

Relive the excitement of Solo: A Star Wars Story with this lavishly illustrated movie companion on sale in July.

10 Highlights From ‘Star Wars’: Icons Of The Galaxy

The special collections of Star Wars Insider's greatest hits arrives today.

‘Star Wars’ Insider: 2018 Special Edition & ‘The Last Jedi’ Collector’s Edition Out Now

Two new special magazines from Titan and the team behind Star Wars Insider are available to purchase now.

‘Star Wars’ Insider #177 Out Now With 2 Exclusive ‘Star Wars: Destiny’ Cards

Thanks to their friends at Fantasy Flight, every issue of Insider comes with 2 FREE, EXCLUSIVE Star Wars: Destiny cards featuring Poe Dameron & Captain Phasma.

‘Star Wars’ Insider Black Friday Subscription Offer

Subscribe to Star Wars Insider this weekend to get a FREE Hasbro Sergeant Jyn Erso (Eadu) figure, and save 20% off the cover price!

‘Star Wars’ Insider #176 Out Now!

Issue #176 of Star Wars Insider is out now and celebrates the women of Star Wars.

‘Star Wars Insider’ #174 Is Last Issue With Jonathan Wilkins As Editor

The editorial torch for Insider magazine is being passed along.

‘Star Wars’ Insider Has The Best Readers

Ray Park has an excellent taste in magazines.

Confirmed: Ian Kenny Is Part Of Young Han Solo Film

The latest issue of Insider confirms an earlier casting report.

Subscribe To ‘Star Wars’ Insider On May 4th!

Get moving and subscribe to Star Wars Insider today to receive some great offers.

Rebel Force Radio: April 28, 2017

Join Jimmy and Jason for the latest Rebel Force Radio.

Oscar Isaac Says He Filmed An “Intense” ‘The Last Jedi’ Scene With Carrie Fisher

Looks like we'll be seeing a more in-your-face Leia in Episode VIII.

‘Star Wars Insider’ #172 Celebration Orlando 2017 Exclusive Covers

Add these two Celebration Orlando exclusive covers to your Insider collection this week.

‘Star Wars’ Artists Fight for the Rebellion at ‘Star Wars’ Celebration Orlando

Joe Corroney and Brian Miller bring their latest rebellious art to Celebration Orlando.

‘Bantha Tracks’ Will Be Changing In ‘Star Wars Insider’ #172

An exciting new look for Bantha Tracks is coming soon.

New Look For ‘Star Wars Insider’ Teased In Issue #171

Get pumped for Insider's new look coming real soon.

BB-8 To Debut At Launch Bay At Disney’s Hollywood Studios

BB-8 is coming to Disney's Hollywood Studios at Launch Bay, along with Kylo Ren and Chewbacca. Jedi Insider (via Disney Park Blog) bring us...

New Look For ‘Star Wars Insider’ Magazine Coming In April

Insider will be receiving an updated design with Issue #172.

‘Star Wars Rebels’: Declassified “Ghosts of Geonosis”

Saw Gerrera makes the transition from film to television with his STAR WARS REBELS debut in the 2-part "Ghosts of Geonosis". We discuss all-things-Saw...From...

Garrick Hagon: Red Three And The Call To Adventure

John 'Dak' Morton and Garrick Hagon talk Star Wars and more

Lucasfilm To Discuss Future Sequel Trilogy Options For Leia, Two Key Scenes Planned

Meetings will be taking place very soon to address the loss of Carrie Fisher from a film perspective.

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