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New Star Wars Battlefront II Official Photos at Star Wars Authentics

Star Wars Authentics is thrilled to announce the launch of all new official photos from the EA game Battlefront II.

Spotlight on Concept Art of Star Wars Battlefront II

The finished product has deep roots in its concept phase.

Looking Ahead To Star Wars: Battlefront II in 2019

See what the new year will be bringing for Battlefront II.

Star Wars Battlefront II is Free with EA Access

Good news from EA, if you're a member of EA/Origin Access as Star Wars Battlefront II is now available in the EA Access vault.

Tips & Tricks For Navigating Kashyyyk In Star Wars Battlefront II

Some pointers for maximizing your combat skills on this Episode III planet.

Star Wars Battlefront II Community Calendar: December 2018

It may be cold outside, but things are heating up for Battlefront II.

Battlefront II Community Update Video: Obi-Wan Kenobi & Geonosis

Take the fight to the droid army with the power of a Jedi Master.

Star Wars Battlefront II: Battle of Geonosis Official Trailer

The Clone Wars have begun.

Learn More About Obi-Wan Kenobi In Battlefront II

Details on the Jedi Master's gameplay are inside.

General Grievous Arrives in Star Wars Battlefront II

General Grievous is the first of several characters from The Clone Wars to arrive in Star Wars Battlefront II.

Battlefront II Video: Detailing General Grievous, Changes To Hero Star Cards

Come inside for the latest Star Wars Battlefront II Community Update video.

Learn More About General Grievous In Battlefront II

Details on the droid army commander's gameplay are inside.

Halloween-Themed Content Coming To Battlefront II And Galaxy Of Heroes

Check out these new spooky updates.

Clone Wars Voice Actors Reprising Their Roles In Battlefront II

Very familiar voices are set to return over the next several months.

Battlefront II Adds More Content From The Clone Wars

A new patch for Battlefront II has been released, addressing some of the game's multiplayer concerns and adding new content from The Clone Wars.

August Patch Adds The Emperor Back To ‘Battlefront II’

EA has resolved the various gameplay issues for the Sith lord.

The Emperor Has Been Temporarily Removed From ‘Battlefront II’

His Sith powers have gone a bit too far.

Five Things To Know About ‘Battlefront II’ Hero Starfighters Mode

Up your knowledge of this new PvP mode.

New ‘Battlefront II’ Clone Wars Content Spread Out Over 2018

Awesome gaming announcements for Battlefront II are inside.

Respawn ‘Star Wars’ Game Revealed, New ‘Battlefront II’ Clone Wars Content Coming

Awesome gaming announcements are inside.

EA Releases “The Han Solo Season” Trailer For ‘Battlefront II’

Delve into thrilling content inspired by Solo: A Star Wars Story in Star Wars Battlefront II.

Battlefront II: Buckle Up – ‘The Han Solo Season’ Coming In May

Starting on May 16th, Battlefront II players can jump into The Han Solo Season Update which includes a return visit to Jabba's Palace and much more.

New Night On Endor Update Incoming To ‘Star Wars’ Battlefront II

Starting on April 18, players can jump into a new, limited-time mode, unlock special Appearances via Crystals and/or Credits and more in Battlefront II Night on Endor update.

‘Star Wars Battlefront II’ Major Release: Update 2.0

Yesterday EA released a major update for Battlefront II that adds a lot of new features including unlocking all current heroes and villains (and their respective ships).

Revamped ‘Battlefront II’ Progression Update Coming March 21

Some big changes are ahead.

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