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Academy Unveils 2019 Oscar Shortlists

ILM are shortlisted for six out of the ten films at the 91st Academy Awards, including Solo: A Star Wars Story.

Solo Soundtrack Disqualified from Academy Awards

After winning a nomination in the Grammy's the Solo: A Star Wars Story soundtrack has been disqualified from the Academy Awards.

Grammy Award Nominations for Childish Gambino, Michael Giacchino, John Powell & John Williams

The 61st annual Grammy award nominations have been announced with nods for Childish Gambino, Michael Giacchino, John Powell & John Williams.

ILM Behind the Magic – Solo: A Star Wars Story – Corellia Chase

ILM share a glimpse at the opening sequence of Solo: A Star Wars Story and the visual effects used to create Corellia.

See Solo: A Star Wars Story at The Prince Charles Cinema on December 27th

Get your tickets for a one-off screening of Solo at The Prince Charles Cinema in London on Thursday December 27th at 3:35pm.

Solo: A Star Wars Story VFX Breakdown by Hybride Technologies

Go behind-the-scenes with a VFX breakdown of Solo: A Star Wars Story looking at the work by Hybride Technologies.

Solo: A Star Wars Story Settled A Millennium Falcon Continuity Issue

When the Falcon was introduced in A New Hope, it only had three landing gears, but three years later in The Empire Strikes Back, it had five landing gears -- how did Solo fix it?

Woody Harrelson Accepted Role in Solo to Work with Phoebe Waller-Bridge

Woody Harrelson was apprehensive about accepting a role in Solo, but was swayed having been given the opportunity to work with Phoebe Waller-Bridge.

ILM’s Rob Bredow Talks VFX in Solo and The Mandalorian

Ahead of his View Conference keynote on October 23rd, Rob Bredow spoke to Variety about the future of VFX and playing in the Star Wars galaxy.

How George Lucas Influenced L3-37 in Solo: A Star Wars Story

Long before the sale of Lucasfilm to Disney, George Lucas was looking at concepts for liberating droids for the prequels -- this concept became L3-37 in Solo.

The Making, and Killing, of the Space Monster in Solo: A Star Wars Story

ABC News take a look inside the San Francisco HQ of ILM where members of the team were working out how the the space monster in Solo should meet its end.

Lucasfilm’s Dan Brooks Interviews Enfys Nest Actress Erin Kellyman

Learn more about the actress behind this masked marauder.

Lucasfilm Crunches Some Numbers In Solo: A Star Wars Story

A collection of Solo production facts & numbers.

Lucasfilm Solo Concept Art: Worlds & Vehicles

Come inside for a look at more awesome Solo concept art.

Lucasfilm Solo Concept Art: Costumes, Dryden Vos, Lady Proxima, Rio Durant

Another round of stunning Solo concept art awaits inside.

Inside the Designs of Solo: A Star Wars Story

Jake Lunt Davies talks about defining a giant worm-like entity, developing a Star Wars biker gang, and bringing Maul back to the big screen.

How Tippett Studio Created an Easter Egg for Solo

Go behind the scenes at Tippett Studios where they revisited the famous Holochess set, with a great interview with their VFX Supervisor, Chris Morley.

Solo Concept Art Featuring Vehicles & Costumes Of The Empire

Take a look at some early Solo designs that were considered for the Empire.

Warwick Davis Actually Played A Lot More Roles In Solo Than We Realized

While we saw Warwick's face reprising the role of Weazel in Solo: A Star Wars film, he actually took on an additional five roles, taking his tally to six!

Lucasfilm’s Dan Brooks Interviews ILM VFX Producer Erin Dusseault

She speaks about creating the stunning visuals for the Solo standalone film.

The Cast of Solo: A Star Wars Story… On Acting

Here's a new video featuring Emilia Clarke, Donald Glover, and Alden Ehrenreich as they discuss the amazing actor who inspired them while filming Solo: A Star Wars Story.

Sam Witwer on the Enduring Legacy of Darth Maul

io9 got to sit down and talk to Sam Witwer about bringing Maul's voice to the big screen and more.

More Solo Concept Art Featuring Lando & L3-37

Early character designs for Lando and droid L3-37 are inside.

Solo’s Writer Thinks Thandie Newton Was Too Good For Her Role As Val

Jonathan Kasdan took to Twitter to drop lots of information about the film including the fact that, in his opinion, Thandie Newton was too good in her role as Val.

Lucasfilm Releases Assortment Of ‘Solo’ Concept Art Images

These Solo artwork pieces are beautiful.

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