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Sideshow Reveals New Darth Vader Life-Size Figure

Most impressive indeed.

Sideshow Unboxing Video: R2-D2 Life-Size Figure

Watch this bad boy get unboxed.

Sambro Darth Vader Life-size Helmet Bluetooth Speaker Review

Watch our latest review of the Sambro Darth Vader Life-size Helmet Bluetooth Speaker

Sideshow Life-Size Stormtrooper Figure Pre-Order Now Up

If you have a cool 8 grand laying around to drop on a new Star Wars "figure"...

Sideshow Announces Life-Size Stormtrooper Figure, Pre-Orders On November 3

Sideshow's next entry in their line of life-size Star Wars figures will be available for pre-order next week.

Sideshow Han Solo In Carbonite Life-Size Figure Pre-Order Now Up

Just what every household needs - a life-size Han in Carbonite displayed prominently for all to see.

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