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Sci-Fi Central: Pam Rose And The Egghead Headcast

Let's join Darryl James for his chat with Star Wars actress Pam Rose...

Sci-Fi Central: Kenny Baker Was R2-D2

In honour of the passing of Kenny Baker our friend Darryl James posts his 2010 interview with Kenny Baker, recorded at Starmania...

Sci-Fi Central: Ian McDiarmid As The Best Star Wars Villain

Darryl James chats with the Emperor himself, Ian McDiarmid...

Sci-Fi Central: Bonnie Piesse Co-stars in The Force

Sci-Fi Central catch up with young Beru, Bonnie Piesse...

Sci-Fi Central: Philip Delancy Flying the Skies & Stars

Darryl James talks to Naboo pilot Phillip Delancy...

Sci-Fi Central: Jack Klaff The Exploding Red 4

Jack Klaff joins Darryl James over at Sci-Fi Central to discuss his role in the classic film...

Sci-Fi Central: Ian Liston Shoots Himself

Wes Janson actor Ian Liston chats with Darryl James over at Sci-Fi Central...

Sci-Fi Central: Anthony Forrest as Fixer & Sandtrooper

Darryl James is with us again and today he's chatting with Anthony Forrest, better known as Fixer and a Sandtrooper from A...

Sci-Fi Central: Chris Muncke played Captain Khurgee

It's time to join Daryl James once again as he catches up with another star of the saga. This time it's Chris...

Sci-Fi Central: Orli Shoshan On Shaak’s Death Scenes

DJ talks with Shaak Ti actress Orli Shoshan

Sci-Fi Central: Rena Owen Acting With Ewan McGregor

It's time to join Darryl James again for some classic Star Wars interviews. This time he chats with Taun We actress Rena...

Sci-Fi Central: John Coppinger The Jabba Sculptor & Extra Roles

DJ chats with Jabba builder and operator John Coppinger

Sci-Fi Central: Ben Burtt Cameos & Wilhelm Screaming

DJ catches up with audio legend Ben Burtt

Sci-Fi Central: Laurie Goode 3 Goode Roles – A New Hope

Check out the latest interview via Daryl James at Sci-Fi Central. This time he's chatting with A New Hope actor Laurie Goode....

Sci-Fi Central: Star Wars Interview: Katie Purvis – Inside Ewoks

It's time to rejoin Daryl James as he interviews Ewok actor Katie Purvis in Wales. Katie Purvis played the Maternal...

Sci-Fi Central: Anthony Phelan Who Played Lama Su

Via our good buddy Daryl James, here's an interview with the man behind Attack of the Clones character Lama Su, Anthony Phelan....

Sci-Fi Central: Daniel Logan as Young Boba Fett

At Sci-Fi Central DJ chats with Daniel Logan...

Sci-Fi Central: Michonne Bourriague On Being The Briefest Bounty Hunter

At Sci-Fi Central DJ chats with Aurra Sing herself...

Sci-Fi Central: Robert Watts Producing & Cameo Appearance

Join Daryl James as he chats with one of the legendary producers of the original trilogy and the Indiana Jones series Robert...

Sci-Fi Central: Star Wars Actor Barrie Holland On Being Slapped By Ford

It's time to head south and join Daryl James for his latest interview, this time chatting with the originator of all scum...

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