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Adam Driver Delivers Undercover Boss Sequel on Saturday Night Live

Adam Driver is back with an Undercover Boss sequel shown on last night's Saturday Night Live (January 25th, 2020).

Saturday Night Live Returns on January 25th 2020 with Adam Driver as Host

Saturday Night Live has announced that the show will return on January 25th with Adam Driver as the first host of 2020.

Woody Harrelson Delivers Saturday Night Live Monologue

Last Saturday night, Woody Harrelson delivered the Saturday Night Live monologue talking about becoming a fashionista. 

Watch Adam Driver From SNL Season 44 Premiere Episode

So how was your summer Adam?

Adam Driver To Host Season 44 Premiere Of SNL

Season 44 will have a bit of First Order flair to it.

Watch Donald Glover Host “Lando’s Summit” Skit On SNL

Check out Glover's skit as Lando from last night's SNL episode.

Video Of Felicity Jones’ ‘Saturday Night Live’ Opening Monologue

Saw Gerrera (Kenan Thompson) brings host Felicity Jones a special message from Tina Fey.

Felicity Jones Will Be Hosting ‘Saturday Night Live’ This Weekend

Felicity Jones hosts Saturday Night Live on January 14.

New Saturday Night Live Auditions Video For The Force Awakens

New auditions from Saturday Night Live...

SNL Releases BTS Video For Adam Driver’s “Undercover Boss: Starkiller Base” Skit

You saw the hilarious (and now viral) video of Adam Driver's "Undercover Boss: Starkiller Base" skit on Saturday Night Live that aired last week....

SNL: “Undercover Boss: Starkiller Base” With Adam Driver

From, Saturday Night's SNL, it's "Undercover Boss: Starkiller Base." Imagine a galaxy where Kylo Ren - yes, the Kylo Ren - would go...

SNL Host Adam Driver & Kate McKinnon Grab a Bite at The Diner

Adam Driver hosts Saturday Night Live on January 16, 2016 with musical guest Chris Stapleton

Adam Driver To Host SNL 19th January 2016

Adam Driver is set to be the first The Force Awakens cast member to host Saturday Night Live as he takes the...

The Force Awakens Auditions On SNL

If only...or should that be what if?...either way, here's how the galaxy could have looked had Saturday Night Live had anything to...

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