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Book Review: Industrial Light & Magic Presents: Making Solo: A Star Wars Story by...

We review Industrial Light & Magic Presents: Making Solo: A Star Wars Story by Rob Bredow, published by Abrams Books.

Ron Howard Poses With ‘Solo’ Theater Standee

Only a few more days to go...

Ron Howard Shares ‘Solo’ Fireworks Display Video From Cannes Film Festival

Solo lights up the night sky.

Ron Howard Is Holding A Twitter Q&A Session Today

Howard will be answering your Twitter questions later today.

Ron Howard Throws Out First Pitch At Yankees Game

The Force was with the Yankees last night.

Watch Ron Howard Help Announce 49ers 2018 NFL Draft Pick

Now this is how your name gets called for the NFL Draft.

Ron Howard Shares ‘Solo’ Pic Of Beckett In Action Atop The Conveyex

Beckett can handle himself when times get rough.

Ron Howard Shares Pic Of Giant ‘Solo’ Poster Being Placed On Building

Now that's a big poster.

Ron Howard To Announce San Francisco 49ers Day 3 Picks In 2018 NFL Draft

The Force will be with the 49ers.

First Look At Clint Howard’s ‘Solo’ Character

Ron's brother is a go!

Ron Howard Shares Pic Of “A Long Time Ago” Opening For ‘Solo’

Yep, we know these words alright.

Ron Howard Tweets VFX Photo Of ‘Solo’ TIE Fighters In Action

The magic of the ILM team.

Ron Howard Shares Photo Of ‘Solo’ Sound Mixing In Progress

Mix away, Mr. Howard. Mix away.

Ron Howard Posts Short Video Of ‘Solo’ Scoring Session

Our ears are gonna be in for a real treat come May.

Jon Favreau Is Voicing An “Important” Alien Character In ‘Solo’

Solo gains another high-profile actor.

Ron Howard Shares First ‘Solo’ Post Production Photo

Phase 2 of the film's production is fully underway.

Ron Howard Celebrates Wrapped Filming On ‘Solo’

Congrats to him and his entire team!

Filming On Han Solo Wraps, Official Title Is ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’

Lucasfilm has announced the title for the second Star Wars standalone film!

So Those Imperial Officers Ron Howard Tweeted Earlier Are Tag & Bink

These comic book characters are now considered part of official Star Wars canon.

Ron Howard Posts Selfie With Imperial Officers From Han Solo Set

Howard's latest Han Solo set pic is here.

What Is Ron Howard Showing Us In This Video From Han Solo Set?

Come inside and get mesmerized.

Ron Howard Posts Blue Misty Doorway From Han Solo Set

Beyond the blue!

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