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Rolling Stone: Chris Terrio Talks Writing The Rise of Skywalker

Terrio breaks down the creative process behind Episode IX.

Rolling Stone: December 2019 Profile on Adam Driver

Driver brings undeniable energy to the Sequel Trilogy.

Adam Driver Featured on Cover of Rolling Stone December 2019 Issue

A very Kylo Ren-esque vibe to this issue's cover.

J.J. Abrams Talks About Respecting George Lucas and Writing with Chris Terrio

Talking from his office on the second floor of his Bad Robot production in Santa Monica, J.J. Abrams spoke to Rolling Stone in mid-October about respecting the legacy of George Lucas and writing with Chris Terrio.

Kojima: ‘The Last Jedi’ And The Reinvention Of The Hero

Hideo Kojima discusses why The Last Jedi is indeed the right kind of Star Wars for the 21st century.

Rolling Stone ‘The Last Jedi’: More On Rey’s Parents, Phasma, TFA Flashback Scene

Rolling Stone expands their coverage of Episode VIII with this new article.

Sounds Like Abrams & Johnson Both Developed The Story Of Rey’s Parents

The search for concrete answers continues.

‘The Last Jedi’ Featured On Cover Of Rolling Stone

Another Episode VIII magazine to collect.

Hear Sean Lennon, Willow Smith’s ‘Bird Song,’ Co-Written By Carrie Fisher

With music by Sean Lennon and voice by Willow Smith, Carrie Fisher gave the words.

New Image Of Kylo Ren Courtesy Of Rolling Stone

Our good friends over at Yakface bring to our attention via this tweet a new image of Adam Driver's villainous Kylo Ren from The...

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