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Star Wars Lightsaber Auction Pulled Over Origin Dispute

A lightsaber listed as Luke Skywalker's weapon from A New Hope has been pulled from Profiles in History's Blockbuster Hollywood Treasures auction.

Mark Hamill Questions Luke Skywalker Lightsaber Auction

Mark Hamill wants to esnure people are aware of what they're bidding on in the upcoming Profiles in History's Blockbuster Hollywood Treasures auction.

Monday 1st May 2017: Roger Christian Signing At Forbidden Planet London

Roger Christian will be at a special signing down in London on 1st May.

Sci-Fi Central: Roger Christian on the Used Universe Set Dresser

DJ catches up with the academy award winning Roger Christian.

Roger Christian Remembers Carrie Fisher

As Art Director of the original Star Wars film, Roger Christian was one of the first of the Star Wars crew to meet and work with Carrie Fisher. He shares his memories about her.

Roger Christian’s Black Angel To Begin Shooting In December

Investment from Russia has been secured that will finalise the funding required to see Oscar winning Star Wars art director, Roger Christian, release a full feature based on his 1980's short Black Angel.

Roger Christian: Without Sir Alec Guinness There Might Not Be A Star Wars

No Star Wars without Sir Alec? Sounds unlikely, but read on...

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