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Encounter Rey Starting May In ‘Star Wars’ Launch Bay At Disneyland Resort

Rey arrives at Launch Bay this May at Disneyland in California.

LEGO ‘Star Wars’ Ahch-To Porg Pandemonium

Luke and Rey's Force lessons are interrupted by an adorable and determined group of Porgs in this great official LEGO Star Wars animation.

Rian Johnson: Origins Of Rey’s Mirror Scene In ‘The Last Jedi’

Rian Johnson explains the origins of Rey's mirror scene in The Last Jedi.

The Cantina Cast #218: ‘The Last Jedi’, Rey….Random

Grab a flagon of your favourite brew for the latest Cantina Cast.

Daisy Ridley Against ‘Star Wars’ Romance For Rey

Will they or won't they - Daisy doesn't want Rey to become romantically involved with Poe.

‘Star Wars Forces Of Destiny’: Rey – Back To Jakku

It's time to go back to Jakku and see how Rey's story connects up several threads for the character in the second Forces of Destiny comic from IDW.

This Weeks Publications – 10th January 2018

Welcome to week 2 of our new weekly feature, detailing what new publications to expect from a galaxy far, far away.

LEGO ‘The Last Jedi’ First Order AT-ST & Rey/Kylo Ren BrickHeadz Available Now

New First Order AT-ST from The Last Jedi, and Rey & Kylo Ren BrickHeadz available now from LEGO.

ANOVOS Presents First Order Flametrooper Helmet Pre-order

You can now pre-order the First Order Flametrooper Helmet from The Last Jedi for $599.00 with a delivery date of spring 2018.

ANOVOS Presents Rey’s Crait Ensemble From ‘The Last Jedi’

You can now pre-order Rey's Crait costume ensemble from Star Wars: The Last Jedi for $1499.00 with a delivery date of spring 2018.

ANOVOS Presents Rey’s Quarterstaff

Pre-order the Rey Quarterstaff now for a spring 2018 delivery.

Topps Countdown To ‘The Last Jedi’ With Physical Puzzle Card Set

Collect the first of twenty cards in this new puzzle set from Topps; each card is only available for 24 hours (just over 13 hours left).

Po-Zu AutumnWinter Collection 2017 ‘Behind The Scenes’ Video

Go behind the scenes on Po-Zu's latest collection.

Heroine Daisy Ridley’s Boot Available In Black From Po-Zu

Po-Zu release the actual boots worn by Rey in The Last Jedi, pre-order yours now!

Po-Zu Launch Rey’s Iconic Knee Boot From ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’

Po-Zu release the actual boots worn by Rey in The Last Jedi, pre-order yours now!

Save 15% Off Rey’s Salvaged X-Wing Helmet from Anovos

Until June 28th save 15% Off Rey's salvaged X-Wing Helmet.

Celebration Orlando Giveaway: Women of the Rebellion – The Queen, The Rebel, The Princess...

Check out the four Jedi News postcard giveaways by Matt Busch and Lin Zy.

Celebration Orlando Giveaway: Women of the Rebellion – THE SCAVENGER (4 of 4) By...

We reveal our fourth postcard giveaway for Celebration Orlando with the Scavenger.

Ultra High Resolution Rey ‘The Last Jedi’ Banners

Check out these super cool custom Rey banners for The Last Jedi.

Awesome Rey ‘The Last Jedi’ Banner

Rey is front & center in this banner created for The Last Jedi.

Pre-Order Sideshow Rey And BB-8 Premium Format Figures

Place your pre-orders for these two new Premium Format figures today.

Sideshow Rey & BB-8 Premium Format Figures Teaser Video

Sideshow is very excited to unveil our Rey and BB-8 Premium Format Figures!

Rian Johnson On The Luke/Rey Relationship, Rey’s Potential In Episode VIII

The director gives us a glimpse into the overall story theme of Episode VIII.

PO-ZU Footwear Collection Featuring Rey’s Boots – Coming In 2017

Check out these very impressive official Rey boots, that PO-ZU will be bringing to market in August 2017.

Daisy Ridley Comments On Rogue One & Episode VIII

Daisy Ridley speaks briefly about the upcoming Episode VIII, as well as this years Rogue One.

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