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Resistance Rewind: The Colossus Sets A Course

An unexpected turn of events puts Team Fireball, the Aces, and the rest of the Colossus on a new path.

Resistance Rewind: General Hux Takes The Stage

A familiar moment from The Force Awakens is recreated to devastating effect.

Resistance Rewind: Troubling Times For Tam

Tam learns that her friends on Team Fireball are not who she thought they were.

Resistance Rewind: A Beautiful Friendship

For Kaz and Torra, an amicable rivalry has turned into a solid friendship.

Resistance Rewind: The First Order’s Plan

There's a lot of fear and worry about the First Order's intentions in the galaxy.

Resistance Rewind: Secret Agent

How could anybody this goofy, this klutzy, this...loud, be a spy?

Resistance Rewind: The First Order Occupation

The First Order has a polarizing effect on the denizens of the Colossus.

Resistance Rewind: Tower Defense

Captain Doza observes the Colossus platform from the comfort of his pristine tower, which artists designed to contrast with the rest of the base.

Resistance Rewind: Bringing in BB-8

See how this adorable droid from The Force Awakens was brought into this new animated series.

Resistance Rewind: The State of the Resistance

The creative forces behind Star Wars Resistance discuss the growing First Order threat and General Leia Organa's attempts to thwart them.

Resistance Rewind: Doza’s Deal

The cast and creators behind Star Wars Resistance discuss the Doza family and their history.

Resistance Rewind: Stylish Starships

The need for speed has always been an essential part of the galaxy far, far away.

Resistance Rewind: Pirates, Thugs, and Thieves

The creators behind Star Wars Resistance talk the show's scum and villainy faction.

Resistance Rewind: All About Poe

The creators behind Star Wars Resistance talk working with Oscar Isaac and bringing Poe Dameron to the show.

Resistance Rewind: Whispers of the First Order

The First Order is ready to take a larger role in galactic events.

Resistance Rewind: Into The Ace Lounge

Racing is everything to them.

Resistance Rewind: Learn More About Jarek Yeager

The cast and creators of Star Wars Resistance help you to get better acquainted with Jarek Yeager.

Resistance Rewind: Aliens Of The Colossus

The cast and creators talk about the variety of alien species found on the Colossus.

Andi Gutierrez Will Not Be Hosting A Show For Resistance Rewind

Shorter BTS video segments will be on tap for Resistance.

Resistance Rewind: Learn More About Kaz Xiono & Torra Doza

Kaz and Torra take center stage in this round of video shorts.

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