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R2-KT: Kateechu, I Choose You!

It's the craze that's taken over the world and R2-KT is getting in on the fun. Check out the latest patch release...


It's time to head over to R2-KT's man servant Albin for the latest KT patch news. KT brigadiers, it came...

R2-KT Summer

R2-KT's man servant Albin Johnson returns with news of a returning fan-favourite patch that can be yours, but only if you hurry. ...

R2-KT And Katie As Wonder Woman Patch

Here's R2-KT's man servant Albin with the latest info on an absolutely delightful new patch. Juan Jose Matamoros surprised us...

Official Site: The Adventures Of R2-KT At Celebration Anaheim

Follow the pink Imperial droid with a gold heart and her adventures at Celebration Anaheim over at StarWars.com. ...

Celebration Anaheim 2015: Hot Wheels Exclusive R2-KT Character Car

Our friend Jayson over at Yakface has received the latest issue of Star Wars Insider which reveals an exclusive R2-KT character car that...

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