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20th Anniversary 501st Squad Gold Patch

Original 501st Squad logo patch in gold metallic thread to wrap up the 20th anniversary year since the formation of the mighty 501st Legion.

R2-KT Halloween Patch Sale 2017

Get all three R2-KT Halloween patches for just $15 - today only!

R2-KT Halloween Patches 2017

R2-KT has three new exclusive patches available.

Vader’s Fist 11″ Patches

Take your chance and grab this amazing 11" Vaders Fist patch.

R2-KT Pink Brigade

R2-KT has another exclusive patch available.

Vader’s Fist Tees Available Until June 24th

The Vader's Fist 20th Anniversary logo shirt is now available to order.

Vader’s Fist Tees June 10th – 24th

R2-KT make available the Vader's Fist 20th Anniversary logo shirt.

Change.org: Persuade Fantasy Flight Games To Create R2-KT Card and Dice For ‘Star Wars’:...

Help bring R2-KT into Star Wars Destiny via Change.org.

R2-KT & Her Minions

Join Albin for the latest R2-KT patch news.

KT Subscriber Exclusive! LEGO KT Figs!

Check out this great offer from R2-KT.

We Are Groot!

Albin brings us news of R2-KT's latest patch, featuring a Marvel-ous friend.

R2-KT Is Off To Celebration Orlando!

R2-KT presents her latest patch, just in time for Celebration Orlando.

Luck o’ the Force! KT St. Pats Patch

This IS the patch you're looking for to be sure, to be sure.

R2-KT Pet Awareness

Katee's man servant Al brings more patch news.

George Lucas Honor Guard – Tenth Anniversary

Join Al as he runs us through the latest R2-KT releases

R2-KT’s Christmas Presents For Subscribers

More Christmas goodness comes from R2-KT

Vader Scrooge And Krampus Troopers

You only have a few hours left to grab these delightful items

One Week Left – R2-KT Hoodies Are So Sith!

R2-KT brings a range of new hoodies and t-shirts just in time for Christmas.

R2-KT Hoodies Are So Sith!

R2-KT bring a range of new hoodies for Christmas

R2-KT As A Turkey???

R2-KT is back with another fantastic patch to collect

R2-KT 11″ Logo Patch

A new 11" version of the classic R2-KT patch is available

R2-KT Flag Of Friendship Exclusive Patch

R2-KT brings us her latest fundraising patch...

R2-KT Halloween Patches!

Halloween is near and the latest R2-KT patch is available...

501st and R2-KT Items Coming Out Now

There are new and re-released R2-KT and 501st items on their way...

New R2-KT Fan Club Patch: “I choose you, Kateechu!”

"I choose you, Kateechu!" is the latest R2-KT Fan Patch, and #14 in the series. Over to R2-KT's man servant for more info......

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