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R2-KT AmbassaDroid Program Patch Available for Order

R2-KT’s man servant Al gives us the lowdown about the new R2-KT AmbassaDroid Program Patch.

R2-KT – KT Paw Patch

Adiel Castro provides the artwork for the latest R2-KT patch, called KT Paw Patch.

R2-KT: Order Logo Tee Shirts, Sweatshirts and Hoodies

Here is the first opportunity in three years to get R2-KT logo tee shirts and apparel, available in multiple styles.

R2-KT Fan Club – 4th Droids Need Hugs Too Patch

Artist Michael Gomez has created the 4th patch in the Droids Need Hugs Too series for the R2-KT Fan Club.

R2-KT Brings Back Out-of-Print Patches

R2-KT brings back three out-of-print patches from yesteryear, featuring Wonder Woman, Pikachu and Groot.

R2-KT Celebrates May 4th with Return of the Patches in Aid of Make-A-Wish

Celebrate May 4th with R2-KT by filling a gap in your patch collection and supporting Make-A-Wish.

R2-KT AmbassaDroid & R2-KT Present New Stickers Supporting Make-A-Wish Spain

AstromechSpain together with R2-KT AmbassaDroid & R2-KT present two new stickers supporting Make-A-Wish Spain.

Star Wars Celebration Chicago 2019: R2-KT Attending & New Patch – Order Now

Great news for R2-KT patch collectors, there's a new R2-KT mission patch available to commemorate her attending Star Wars Celebration Chicago.

New R2-KT Hugs Series Patch #3 Available Now – Stormtrooper

Great news for R2-KT patch collectors, there's a new R2-K2 Hugs Series Patch, supporting the Make-A-Wish Foundation, available now.

Three New R2-KT Holiday Patches Available Now

Three new R2-KT patches for the holidays, including the first Hanukkah patch.

R2-KT What’s This? What’s This?

What's This? What's This? It's the 2018 Halloween KT patch!

R2-KT Biker Scout Patch

Here's R2-KT's man servant Al with the latest patch information.

R2-KT Pink Glitter Coin Available to Order Now

Here's R2-KT's man servant Al with the latest merchandise news.

R2-KT Subscriber Offers

Here's R2-KT's man servant Al with the latest subscriber offers....

R2-KT May The 4th Patch

Just in time for May 4th, a new R2-KT patch supporting the Peter Mayhew Foundation.

R2-KT On The Way To Singapore

R2-KT will be greeting Singaporeans next month (May) as part of the Star Wars Day celebrations.

New R2-KT Coin & Patch Available Now!

Here's the latest news about a new R2-KT coin and patch available now!

R2-KT April Fools! Wubba Lubba Dub Dub!

R2-KT April Fools! Wubba Lubba Dub Dub! It's time for a Rick and Morty inspired patch.

Embrace The Pink Side Of The Force With R2-KT Lanyards

R2-KT lanyards return for 2018, get your orders in during March for an April delivery.

R2-KT Coin: Pink Brigade!

Embrace the Pink Side of the Force with a new run of R2-KT Pink Brigade coins.

R2-KT Pink Brigade Patch #2

R2-KT has another exclusive patch available; Pink Brigade patch #2.

New Imperial Patch From 501st Legion/R2-KT

Imperial Christmas patch -- designed by Dave Liew and available to buy now.

R2-KT Christmas Patch: #11 In The Series

Support a good cause this holiday season and help raise funds for Toys-for-Tots by buying the latest R2-KT patch.

20th Anniversary 501st Squad Gold Patch

Original 501st Squad logo patch in gold metallic thread to wrap up the 20th anniversary year since the formation of the mighty 501st Legion.

R2-KT Halloween Patch Sale 2017

Get all three R2-KT Halloween patches for just $15 - today only!

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