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New Jedi Knights and Masters Revealed From Star Wars: The High Republic

StarWars.com gets a first look at some of the starring Jedi Knights and Masters.

Project Luminous: Guardians of The High Republic

Now we know more about Project Luminous, Steve Galloway gives us his thoughts on the creatve team chosen to bring us the era of The High Republic.

StarWars.com Interviews The Creators of Star Wars: The High Republic

The official site speaks with the minds crafting the world’s next big Star Wars story.

Charles Soule Reveals The Names of Two Characters From Light of the Jedi Novel

Check out the names of these two brand new publishing characters.

Project Luminous Revealed as Star Wars: The High Republic

The wait is finally over - Project Luminous is revealed as Star Wars: The High Republic!

Project Luminous News Scheduled to Drop February 24

Gonna have to wait a little bit longer.

Will Official Details on Project Luminous Be Announced This Coming Week?

Fans are eager to learn more about this large-scale publishing event.

Are You Ready for Project Luminous?

2 of the authors involved with the upcoming Project Luminous may have hinted that an update could be coming soon.

Publishing Partners For Project Luminous Revealed, Details Set To Arrive January 2020

The curtain will finally be pulled back on this publishing program in a few months.

Lucasfilm Publishing Announces Project Luminous Coming in 2020

Cool name. But, umm, what the heck is it?

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