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Star Wars: Project Porg – Raise and Train Porgs with help from C-3PO

More news about ILMxLAB's Star Wars: Project Porg, available this December on Magic Leap.

ILMxLAB Announce Star Wars: Project Porg Mixed Reality Experiment

The porgs, first seen in Star Wars: The Last Jedi are back again, this time in mixed reality with the latest immersive experiment from ILMxLAB, Star Wars: Project Porg.

LEGO ‘Star Wars’ Porg (#75230)

The October release of the LEGO Star Wars Porg (#75230) has been revealed by a Ukrainian online shop. 

Build Your Own LEGO Porg

If you missed out on the LEGO in-store build-your-own-Porg event at the US brand stores earlier this month you can now have a go at constructing it from your own parts!

Kelly Marie Tran Reveals Porgs Used To Be Terrifying

Kelly Marie Tran saw porgs in their early stages before they were completely feathered and precious, and she told Nerdist‘s Dan Casey they were so odd!

How The Porgs From ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ Were Created

Entertainment Tonight gives us a preview of the Target exclusive Blu-ray with bonus feature 'Meet the Porgs'.

“It Was All I’d Ever Wanted To Do” Says BB-8 & Porg Puppeteer Brian...

Brian Herring tells StarWars,com about upholding a tradition of iconic puppetry and being very uncomfortable in the desert.

LEGO ‘Star Wars’ Ahch-To Porg Pandemonium

Luke and Rey's Force lessons are interrupted by an adorable and determined group of Porgs in this great official LEGO Star Wars animation.

Del Rey ‘Star Wars’ Convention Exclusive For Emerald City Comic-Con Revealed

Random House and Del Rey have revealed their convention exclusive that will be available at Emerald City Comic-Con.

All New Porg Sneakers – The Latest In The ‘Star Wars’ Range From Po-Zu

The new Porg sneaker is the latest in the range of co-branded Star Wars footwear to be released by ethical shoe brand, Po-Zu, under license by Lucasfilm & Disney.

LEGO Porgs Arrive In London

These are the LEGO Porgs you're looking for....

Designing ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ Part 1: How Porgs Were Hatched

The official site at StarWars.com talks with creature concept designer Jake Lunt Davies about developing The Last Jedi's adorable critters from Acho-To.

Hasbro Announces New Black Series 6″ Scale Porgs

If you love porgs, this news is gonna make you quite happy.

New Elite Series Figures Coming From Disney Store (Updated)

New Disney Elite figures arriving from today, first up Chewbacca with Porgs and then a new figure coming up each week till the films release.

Rian Johnson Tweets A Bit More Info On Porgs

Up your porg knowledge.

Star Wars Blips | Keep Away

The porgs arrive on Star Wars Blips.

Official Site: Learn More About The Porgs From ‘The Last Jedi’

Pablo Hidalgo provides us with some details on these new creatures from Episode VIII.

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