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Greedo Actor Paul Blake On ‘Maclunkey’ in A New Hope on Disney+

Everyone is talking about Disney+ and not necessarily about what you'd think! With the launch of the platform came a 4K version of Star Wars: A New Hope and Maclunkey, leaving Paul Blake who played Greedo in the film incredibly confused.

Event Review: GEEK’s: Heroes & Foes, Wolverhampton

This May Day bank holiday weekend saw the GEEK's: Heroes & Foes event take over the Mander Centre in Wolverhampton.

Geeks Comic Con, Salisbury, UK – May 12th, 2018

City Hall, Salisbury, UK played host to Geeks Comic Convention with many enthusiastic costumers and traders gathering for a fun day in a city.

Sci-Fi Central: Paul Blake as Greedo & the shoot-out at Docking Bay 94

Join DJ as he chats with Greedo actor Paul Blake.

London Film Convention 2017: ‘Star Wars’ Guests A’Plenty

Star Wars guests are announced for London Film Convention.

Paul Blake Wins Gold At The Paralympics

The son of Greedo actor Paul Blake brings home Gold at the 2016 Paralympics...

London Film & Comic Con Spring – This Weekend!

A look at what's coming to London Film & Comic Con this spring...

Star Wars Bounty Hunters Panel RICC 2013

Bounty hunters appear at Rhode Island Comic Con

Paul Blake Interview at Lightsabre

Our friends over at Lightsabre.co.uk have posted their latest interview, where they talk to Paul Blake who portrayed Greedo in A New Hope. Take...

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