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MCM Comic Con London October ’18: Paul Bettany Attending

Paul Bettany, Dryden Vos in Solo: A Star Wars Story and Vision in the MCU, will be attending MCM Comic Con in London this October.

Paul Bettany Doesn’t Understand Why ‘Solo’ Bombed

Paul Bettany spoke openly to MTV about his frustration as to why the film 'bombed', and why there seems to be some much hate towards the film.

Paul Bettany Sent Begging Text To Ron Howard For A Part In ‘Solo’

Actor Paul Bettany told Jimmy Fallon on Thursday's The Tonight Show that he sent a text to Solo: A Star Wars Story director Ron Howard begging for a role in the movie.

EW Reveals More On ‘Solo’ Tobias Beckett, Val, And Dryden Vos

One hell of a trio.

‘Solo’ Character Name For Paul Bettany Revealed

And it doesn't sound like he's playing a very nice character.

Paul Bettany: ‘Solo’ Is Like A “Gangster” Movie, Ron Howard Had Extensive Reshoots

The film evolved quite a bit after the director change.

Paul Bettany Wraps His Filming On Han Solo Film

Now who exactly is he playing?

Paul Bettany Joins Cast Of Young Han Solo Film

Ron Howard gives us the scoop.

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