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The Galaxy Britain Built Extended Edition and Toy Empire on BBC4 in December

Good news for Star Wars fans in the UK as an extended version of The Galaxy Britain Built is coming to BBC4 in December along with a new show called Toy Empire, airing on the same night, looking at the Palitoy company.

Coalville Heritage Society Launches The Many Faces of Palitoy Exhibition

The free Cascelloid and Palitoy exhibition features 100 toys for 100 years, with the story of Palitoy being told through a selection of iconic toys.

BBC Asks ‘Are Star Wars Toys Holding Their Value?’

The BBC, with the help of some familiar names, looks to see if Star Wars toys are still holding their value.

May The Toys Be With You – 2nd to 10th November 2018 In Coalville,...

Due to it's resounding success, the May The Toys Be With You exhibition is to visit Coalville, Leicestershire, UK; the home of vintage collecting in the UK.

Palitoy: Action Man’s Home Set For Green Plaque Honour

Some great news for Palitoy fans, as the toy company receives a green plaque honour.

Vectis Celebrate ‘Star Wars’ Day

Vectis are as busy as ever with some more amazing auctions.

‘Star Wars’ Total Franchise Revenue

Star Wars is the big dog of the yard, in more ways than one.

Quality Control On A Tea Break?

MIscarded figures are a collecting anomaly, but there are more of them than you might imagine.

The Italian Cape-r

Richard Hutchinson takes a look at an Italian job

Mr Palitoy Travels To Europe

Mr Palitoy goes to Europe

Jedinet.com: The UK Fan Experience: The Arrival Of Palitoy

My third article for Jedinet.com gives a potted history of Palitoy

Vintage Argos Catalogues

Zap back a few decades and check out some vintage Argos catalogues

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