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Taika Waititi Puts the Brakes on Star Wars Rumors

Takia Waititi follows us last month's Tweet about being involved with a Star Wars film with further denials during a pre-Academy Awards luncheon, where he was interviewed about his then Oscar nominated film Jojo Rabbit.  

The Oscars 2020: And the Winner is

Well, it wasn't to be. No Oscars for Star Wars, but it was a good night for 2 names associated with Star Wars.

Rian Johnson Discusses Oscar Nomination for Knives Out and Star Wars Future

Knives Out has earned Rian Johnson an Oscar nomination for best original screenplay, and he spoke to Variety about the accolade and also about the future of his Star Wars trilogy.

John Williams Breaks Own Oscar Nomination Record with The Rise of Skywalker

John Williams surpassed his own Oscar nominations record today with another nomination, his 52nd, for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Gets 3 Oscar Nominations

Today the nominations for the 92nd Oscars were announced with The Rise of Skywalker receiving nominations in 3 categories.

Disney Submits Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker for Oscars Consideration

Disney has submitted to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, alongside five other films, for consideration in several Oscar categories.

George Lucas Approved Rare Pre-Special Edition Star Wars Screening

The Academy was given permission by George Lucas to screen a pre Special Edition version of Star Wars: A New Hope in 70mm.

Academy Awards 2019 – Best Picture Producer Dedicates Award to Carrie Fisher

The producer of Green Book, Charles B. Wessler, dedicates the film to Carrie Fisher.

Rob Bredow and Richard E. Grant at Oscar Nominees Lunch

Rob Bredow and Richard E. Grant attended the Oscar nominees lunch in LA yesterday.

Oscar Nominations 2019 – VFX Nod for Solo: A Star Wars Story

The Academy have announced the nominees for the 91st Academy Awards, including one nomination for Solo: A Star Wars Story for Visual Effects.

Academy Unveils 2019 Oscar Shortlists

ILM are shortlisted for six out of the ten films at the 91st Academy Awards, including Solo: A Star Wars Story.

Solo Soundtrack Disqualified from Academy Awards

After winning a nomination in the Grammy's the Solo: A Star Wars Story soundtrack has been disqualified from the Academy Awards.

StarWars.com and Elstree Studios Remember Gary Kurtz

StarWars.com, Elstree Studios, the Academy and ILM Visual Effects remember Gary Kurtz.

New Popular Oscar Category Postponed by Academy

The new Oscar award category for Popular Film that was announced last month by the Academy has been postponed by the Academy.

Honorary Oscar for Kathleen Kennedy

The Board of Governors of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences have announced that they will present the Irving G. Thalberg Award to Kathleen Kennedy and Frank Marshall.

Oscar Isaac Thinks New Oscars Category Is ‘Pretty Stupid’

Speaking to USA Today, Oscar Isaac has given his opinion on the new Popular Award category at the Oscars.

Oscars To Add ‘Popular Film’ Category

A new film category has been anounced for the next Academy Awards ceremony.

Will We Ever See An Oscar Winning Performance In ‘Star Wars’?

Will we ever see an Oscar winning performance in 'Star Wars'?

‘The Last Jedi’ Fails To Win At 90th Oscars

The Last Jedi fails to win at the 90th Oscars.

BBC News: Mark Hamill Would Rather Watch Oscars At Home

Mark Hamill says he'd rather stay home and watch the Oscars than attending in person.

‘Star Wars’ Actors Among Presenters At 90th Oscars On March 4th.

Ten new presenters for the 90th Oscars have been announced including Mark Hamill, Oscar Issac & Kelly Marie Tran.

John Williams Earns 51st Oscar Nomination for ‘The Last Jedi’

Composer John Williams earns a 51st Oscar nomination for The Last Jedi.

‘The Last Jedi’ Receives Multiple 2018 Academy Award Nominations

Episode VIII is looking to bring home some award hardware.

John Williams On Target For Oscar Record & To Score Episode IX

Composer John Williams could earn a 51st or even 52nd nomination at this years Oscars. Plus, Williams wants to score Episode IX.

J.J. Abrams Believes Mark Hamill Will Win An Oscar For ‘The Last Jedi’

J.J. Abrams believes Mark Hamill should win the Oscar next year for 'The Last Jedi'. We don't disagree.

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