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Best Halloween Costume: Dad Builds Millennium Falcon from Radio Flyer’s Landspeeder

What do you get if you take Radio Flyer's ride on Landspeeder and add a dedicated Dad with over a month's free time? How about the best Halloween costume in the form of a ride able Millennium Falcon.

Star Wars: Millennium Falcon Desk Lamp Available Now

Light your way to another galaxy with the USB powered Star Wars: Millennium Falcon Desk Lamp.

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge – Millennium Falcon: Smuggler’s Run with Steve L Goddard

Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge - watch Disney's Steve L Goddard talk about bringing the Millennium Falcon to life on Smuggler’s Run at the Black Spire Outpost on Batuu.

Fortnite YouTuber Recreates Star Wars Iconic Millennium Falcon in Creative Mode

The creative mode in Fortnite Battle Royale has produced numerous amazing creations, the latest being the iconic Millennium Falcon.

Solo: A Star Wars Story Settled A Millennium Falcon Continuity Issue

When the Falcon was introduced in A New Hope, it only had three landing gears, but three years later in The Empire Strikes Back, it had five landing gears -- how did Solo fix it?

Solo: A Star Wars Story Bonus Feature Offers Look At Millennium Falcon Ride

A bonus feature on the Target exclusive 4K Blu-ray of Solo offers a special look at the Millennium Falcon ride coming to Galaxy’s Edge next year.

SDCC 2018: PDF Instructions Available For LEGO Exclusives

LEGO have released the instructions for the three exclsuive SDCC sets in PDF format.

Reminder: LEGO UCS ‘Millennium Falcon’ Lands At Smyths Toys + Win £100

The awesome LEGO UCS Millennium Falcon has landed at Smyths Toys and is available in-store and online now for £649.99 -- find out how you can win a £100 voucher!

LEGO UCS ‘Millennium Falcon’ (#75192) Lands At Smyths Toys + Win £100

The awesome LEGO UCS Millennium Falcon has landed at Smyths Toys and is available in-store and online now for £649.99 -- find out how you can win a £100 voucher!

Interview: Guillermo Ortego — ‘Make Your Own Millennium Falcon’

Interview: We catch up with London based Spanish illustrator Guillermo Ortego for a quick chat regarding his latest illustration: the 'Make Your Own Millennium Falcon' illustration.

Fantasy Flight Games Announces Lando’s Millennium Falcon For X-Wing Second Edition

Fantasy Flight Games announces Lando's Millennium Falcon for X-Wing Second Edition -- available for you to pilot from September 13th 2018.

‘Star Wars’ Is The Focus Of Today’s Pembrokeshire Community Festival & Parade

A Pembrokeshire town's connection to the Star Wars movies is the focus of today's community festival and parade. It marks the construction of the full-size Millennium Falcon built in the town in 1979 for The Empire Strikes Back.

Donald Glover Gives Fans An Exclusive Tour Of ‘Millennium Falcon’ From ‘Solo: A Star...

Donald Glover Gives Fans An Exclusive Tour Of 'Millennium Falcon' From 'Solo: A Star Wars Story'.

Po-Zu Introduce New ‘Millennium Falcon’ White Unisex Sneakers

Po-Zu have announced new Millennium Falcon white unisex sneakers just in time for Solo: A Star Wars Story coming next month!

Harrods Unveils Launch Stars For New Toy Department

Top nine toys picked for their ability to engage, entertain and educate -- including two Star Wars toys.

‘Millennium Falcon’ Might Not Be As New As Thought In ‘Solo’

"The Falcon has always been old. Lando’s version best represents his tastes. Think of it as not only restored but also customized." -- Pablo Hidalgo

‘Millennium Falcon’ Differences In ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’

Screenrant have looked at all the differences between the Millennium Falcon we see in Original Trilogy versus the design of the ship in Solo: A Star Wars Story.

‘Millennium Falcon’ From ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’ On Pinewood Backlot

Jedi News fans find the Falcon again -- on the backlot of Pinewood Studios -- hiding in plain site on Google Maps.

Introducing the LEGO Kessel Run ‘Millennium Falcon’ From ‘Solo’ (Set #75212)

The LEGO Kessel Run Millennium Falcon from Solo: A Star Wars Story has been revealed.

Jedi News Makes Headlines Around The World This Week

Jedi News reports the headlines from all over the world, but this week we have been making headlines of our own.

Daisy Ridley Builds A LEGO Millennium Falcon (While Answering Questions By Elle)

This great video by Elle UK TV features Daisy Ridley attempt to build a LEGO Millennium Falcon (sorry Daisy), while answering questions by Elle!

Free MINI LEGO Millennium Falcon At Target

Get a free MINI LEGO Millennium Falcon as a gift with purchase, or buy for just $4.99 - only at Target this week.

‘Star Wars’ Build The Millennium Falcon Offer

Build the Millennium Falcon part work offers.

LEGO UCS Millennium Falcon (Set #75192) Revealed

At last we will reveal ourselves... LEGO finally reveal the new UCS Millennium Falcon!

Google Maps Stumbles Upon Millennium Falcon Structure, Delights Fans

Jedi News gets shared on Fox News.

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