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Royal Albert Hall Christmas Variety Show with Michael Giacchino and Friends

The Royal Albert Hall has announced a Christmas Variety Show with Star Wars composer Michael Giacchino conducting on Friday 20th December, 2019. Special VIP guests to be announced soon.

Grammy Award Nominations for Childish Gambino, Michael Giacchino, John Powell & John Williams

The 61st annual Grammy award nominations have been announced with nods for Childish Gambino, Michael Giacchino, John Powell & John Williams.

Michael Giacchino Returns Far From Home to Score Spider-Man Sequel

Michael Giacchino is set to compose the score for Spider-Man: Far From Home.

John Williams Reportedly Returning to Score Disney’s Galaxy’s Edge Park

Could it be that legendary composer John Williams is working with Michael Giacchino to create the score for Galaxy's Edge?

Royal Albert Hall: Michael Giacchino Celebrates With A Very Special Birthday Concert

The Royal Albert Hall has written at article about Michael Giacchino's 50th birthday concert last Friday night.

Review: Michael Giacchino’s 50th Birthday Celebration Royal Albert Hall

A review of an amazing evening celebrating the 50th birthday of Michael Giacchino.

Lucasfilm’s Dan Brooks Chats With Composer Michael Giacchino

Learn more about this highly successful composer.

J.J. Abrams, Gareth Edwards Join 50th Birthday Concert For Michael Giacchino

A special concert at the Royal Albert Hall in London will be held in celebration.

Edwards and Trevorrow Attending Giacchino’s 50th Birthday Celebration

Two Star Wars directors will attend Michael Giacchino's 50th birthday concert at the Royal Albert Hall on 20th October.

Michael Giacchino at 50: Friday 20th October 2017

The Royal Albert Hall hosts a 50th birthday concert for Oscar winner Michael Giacchino.

More From Michael Giacchino On The ‘Rogue One’ Score

Michael Giacchino reveals more information on the development of the score for Rogue One.

Michael Giacchino Tweets Appreciation for ‘Star Wars’ Oxygen

The composer of Rogue One had some kind words to say about the detective work of David Collins on the latest Oxygen

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story “Scoring Highlights”

Listen in to these musical cues from Rogue One

Entertainment Weekly Interview With Rogue One Composer Michael Giacchino

The man behind the music of Rogue One sits down with Entertainment Weekly.

Composer Michael Giacchino Talks Briefly About Rogue One

The award-winning composer provides us with a small update on his work on Rogue One.

Conducted By Michael Giacchino: The LOST We Have To Go Back Concerts

We Have To Go Back, the LOST concerts, conducted by Michael Giacchino...

Updated: Michael Giacchino To Score Rogue One

According to THR Oscar winning composer Michael Giacchino is set to score Rogue One: A Star Wars Story replacing Alexandre Desplat.

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