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Mark Hamill Thinks ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’ Is Coming Out Too Early

Speaking to CinemaBlend about the latest instalment, Mark Hamill revealed that he had advised Disney to hold Solo's release.

Mark Hamill Reveals What Order To Watch ‘Star Wars’ Films

During an interview with Collider, Mark Hamill revealed what order he suggests watching the Star Wars films, over to the master.

Mark Hamill Reunites With Yoda: ‘The Director And The Jedi’

Catch Mark Hamill’s unforgettable reunion with Yoda puppeteer Frank Oz as part of 'The Director And The Jedi'.

Watch Mark Hamill’s Interview Segment From ‘The View’

Hamill was a guest on the popular talk show.

Mark Hamill: This Was Luke’s Fate At End Of George Lucas’ Episode IX

Things would have been a bit different as far as the timeline is concerned.

Mark Hamill: ‘I’m Luke Starkiller, I’m Here To Rescue You!'”

Over the weekend, Mark Hamill dropped a "fun fact" about the famous rescue scene from Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope, where his character Luke has to rescue Princess Leia.

Mark Hamill ‘Can’t Watch’ Luke’s Goodbye To Carrie Fisher’s Leia

Mark Hamill discusses his 'farewell' scene with Carrie Fisher in The Last Jedi, and how he 'can't watch' it.

BBC Radio 2: Chris Evans Interviews Mark Hamill

Chris Evans on BBC Radio 2 caught up with Mark Hamill on Monday to talk Star Wars’ Blu-Ray deleted scenes, The Empire Awards: Icon of the Year 2018 and being compared to Elvis!

Mark Hamill “Luke’s Star Wars 9 Return Up To J.J. Abrams”

Mark Hamill would like to return for Episode IX but knows that decision rests with J. J. Abrams.

UPDATED: ‘The Last Jedi’ Wins At Empire Awards 2018

The Empire Awards took place earlier tonight in London with Risn Johson, Mark Hamill & Daisy Ridley in attendance. The Last Jedi was nominated in 9 categories but what did it win?

Make Hamill Says “Star Wars Is Much More Enjoyable Now” & Talks Carrie Fisher

Mark Hamill appears on the Late Late Show with host Ryan Tubridy ahead of his appearance as the first international guest of honour in the St. Patrick's Day parade in Dublin.

Skywalking Through Neverland #206: Mark Hamill And The Walk Of Fame

Join Sarah, Richard and guests for the the 206th episode of Skywalking Through Neverland!

‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ – Luke’s Internal Struggle

Director Rian Johnson discusses the challenges facing Luke Skywalker in the exclusive bonus documentary, The Director and the Jedi.

Mark Hamill Wanted Luke To Survive Until ‘Episode IX’

In The Director and the Jedi, Mark Hamill discusses how he would've liked his character Luke Skywalker to live to see Episode IX.

Skywalking Through Neverland At Mark Hamill’s Hollywood Walk of Fame Ceremony

Sarah & Richard from Skywalking Through Neverland share their video of the Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony celebrating the one and only Mark Hamill.

Mark & Marilou Hamill’s 40-Year Love Story Is Better Than Any Movie

Mark Hamill met his wife at a dentist office, where he was a patient and she was a dental hygienist -- 40 years on they're still 'filling' the love for each other.

The StarWars.com 10: Top 10 Luke Skywalker Moments

Find out the 10 best Luke Skywalker moments of all time.

Official Photos From Mark Hamill’s Hollywood Walk Of Fame Ceremony

A collection of high resolution photos from Hamill's induction ceremony.

Author N.J. Simmonds’ Tweet Goes Viral On International Women’s Day

Author N.J. Simmonds' tweet goes viral on International Women’s Day as she discusses her daughters concerns about wearing a Star Wars t-shirt to school.

Happy ‘Mark Hamill’ Jedi Day From Gentle Giant!

Gentle Giant is celebrating the fact that Mark Hamill was today honoured by receiving a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame with a Jedi...

Video: Mark Hamill Receives Star On Hollywood Walk Of Fame

Congrats to our Jedi Master!

Mark Hamill Hollywood Walk of Fame Ceremony Details March 8th

Mark Hamill Hollywood Walk of Fame Ceremony details for March 8th.

BBC News: Mark Hamill Would Rather Watch Oscars At Home

Mark Hamill says he'd rather stay home and watch the Oscars than attending in person.

‘Star Wars’ Actors Among Presenters At 90th Oscars On March 4th.

Ten new presenters for the 90th Oscars have been announced including Mark Hamill, Oscar Issac & Kelly Marie Tran.

Mark Hamill To Get Star On Hollywood Walk Of Fame In March

Mark Hamill to receive star on Hollywood Walk of Fame on March 8th.

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