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Lucasfilm Wins In Trademark Dispute With Australian Drink ‘TheForceAwakens’

Lucasfilm wins in trademark dispute with Australian drink 'TheForceAwakens'.

Lucasfilm Must Pay ‘Failed’ Darth Vader Film Maker Damages

A film-maker who sued Lucasfilm for blocking plans to make a film about Darth Vader has won almost £39,500 in damages.

Disney & Lucasfilm Talking To New Game Publishers For ‘Star Wars’

Could Disney and Lucasfilm be looking at other gaming publishers for Star Wars gaming?

Lucasfilm Sued Over ‘Failed’ Darth Vader Film

A film-maker is suing Lucasfilm, saying it ruined his plans to make more than £1.35m from a film about Darth Vader.

IfOnly/Lucasfilm Offer Unique Signed Movie Memorabilia To Support Napa/Sonoma Fire Relief

IfOnly & Lucasfilm offer unique signed movie memorabilia to support Napa/Sonoma fire relief through the charity Tipping Point.

‘Star Wars’ Toy Sales Fall in 2017 As Movie-Tie Fatigue Sets In

Toys based on the Star Wars saga -- the franchise that kicked off the whole phenomenon four decades ago -- were down in 2017 despite a new film, The Last Jedi.

Rise Of The Fab Convention With ReedPOP’s Mary Franklin

Chris Carver at Lennd interviews the awesome Mary Franklin from ReedPOP about her background, the rise of the convention, Star Wars and more.

The New York Times: The Women Who Run ‘Star Wars’

The New York Times take a look behind the scenes at Lucasfilm, and the story group that Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy created.

Lucasfilm Oversees Electronic Arts ‘Star Wars’ Games With Weekly Meetings

GamesBeat have interviewed Lucasfilm brand boss Douglas Reilly about the process of creating games such as Battlefront II.

New Hyper-Reality ‘Star Wars’ Experience Coming To Westfield London

Star Wars: Secrets of the Empire, is coming to London this December from ILMxLAB, Lucasfilm and The VOID.

5 Years On: Disney to Buy Lucasfilm for $4.05 Billion

5 years ago today, Lucasfilm was bought by Disney for $4.05 billion.

Lucasfilm Fan Summit 2017

Back in August, Jedi News were invited to a very special fan event.

Lucasfilm Has Received Permission To Include Carrie Fisher In Episode IX

The final film in the Sequel Trilogy may feature Carrie Fisher as Leia after all.

Possible Details On Lucasfilm’s Future ‘Star Wars’ Plans

What does the future hold? We may have a few answers.

Carrie Fisher Tribute At Lucasfilm

Words not needed

Is A New Lucasfilm Job Listing A Hint At A New Animation Series?

Comicbook.com is speculating that a new job listing on the Lucasfilm Recruitment site may be a hint at a new animation series in the works.

Women Are Well Represented On Lucasfilm’s Executive Team

Learn a bit more about the women of Lucasfilm's executive team.

WIRED Spotlight On ILM’s John Knoll

Learn more about the genius that is Mr. John Knoll.

Future Star Wars Standalone Films Could Exist Completely On Their Own

Lucasfilm might be developing future Star Wars standalone films that can exist in a vacuum.

Lucasfilm Meeting in Paris Next Week?

#StarWars Next week on my way to Paris meeting the Lucas team and hearing about the new movies and plans.— Dennis Barbie...

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