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Sandra Jackson-Dumont Named Director and CEO of Lucas Museum of Narrative Art

She joins the LA-based project from New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Lucas Museum Program: Tarot and Lotería Cards through the Lens of Narrative Art

The Lucas Museum of Narrative Art will look at Tarot and Lotería Cards through the Lens of Narrative Art, on October 18th, as part of their Lucas Museum Program.

SDCC 2019: Full Video of Lucas Museum of Narrative Art: Behind the Scenes Panel

Watch video of the entire panel from yesterday at SDCC.

SDCC 2019: More on Lucas Museum of Narrative Art Panel

This is gonna be a panel you won't want to miss.

Every Picture Will Tell a Story at Lucas Museum of Narrative Art

LA Weekly spoke to Don Bacigalupi, founding president of the museum, to talk about how collection is intended to inspire imagination amongst its visitors.

Lucas Museum Of Narrative Art – Jobs Advertised

New job positions posted for the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art -- do you have what it takes?

What To Expect From Lucas Museum Of Narrative Art, 2022 Opening Planned

Details on what this new museum will have in store for visitors.

CBS Talks With George Lucas & Mellody Hobson About Museum Of Narrative Art

John Blackstone sits down with George Lucas and his wife to talk about this exciting project.

George Lucas Breaks Ground On LA’s Museum Of Narrative Art

George Lucas finally breaks ground on the long awaited Lucas Museum of Narrative Arts, coming to LA in late 2021.

Lucas Museum Of Narrative Art Set To Break Ground, Eyes 2021 Opening

Time to roll up the sleeves and get to work.

Los Angeles City Council Approves Building Of Lucas Museum Of Narrative Art

We're good to go for Lucas' museum.

Updated Concept Designs For Lucas Museum Of Narrative Art

Take a look at some new design concepts being considered for the Los Angeles museum project.

Lucas’ Museum of Narrative Art To Find A Home In Los Angeles

George Lucas has chosen Los Angeles as the city to be home to his Museum of Narrative Art. The proposed location to be Exposition Park.

Location War for George Lucas’ New Art Museum to Be Decided This Month

The saga could finally be coming to a close

Cloud Design Proposed For George Lucas Museum

Lucas unveils new design, a cross between a silvery cloud and a souped-up sports car

George Lucas Abandons Plans To Build Lucas Museum In Chicago, California Now Being Looked...

UPDATE: The Chicago Tribune reports that Lucas will now focus his efforts on getting the museum built in California. ----------------------------------------  Big news on...

McCormick Place In Chicago Being Negotiated As Location For Lucas Museum

Round and round we go - where we stop, nobody knows. At least when it comes to the status of the Lucas Museum...

Major Obstacle In Lucas Museum Landing In Chicago Appears To Have Been Cleared

If this latest report centering on the Lucas Museum's continued struggle to nail down Chicago as it's construction location is in fact true, the...

San Francisco & Los Angeles Could Be Possible Destinations For Lucas Museum

I'm not sure what the longest amount of time has gone by without us hearing a new report of the Lucas Museum facing...

City Of Chicago Ask Judge To Appove Lucas Museum

The City of Chicago have asked a federal judge to lift an order barring George Lucas from starting construction on his $400 million museum....

George Lucas Faces Museum Legal Challenge

In what can only be described as the ultimate facepalm Chicago non-profit organisation Friends of the Parks have instigated a legal challenge...

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