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Repackaged Version of The Black Series 6″ Sith Trooper Available September 4

Bring home this new trooper class.

Hasbro Promo Package: SDCC 2019 Star Wars Exclusives

Samples of the Hasbro exclusives from SDCC 2019 have arrived.

Official Press Images & Product Information From SDCC 2019 Hasbro Star Wars Panel

Come inside for more on the new products revealed during Hasbro's SDCC panel.

Hasbro Press Images: The Black Series 6″ Special Edition Sith Trooper Figure

Come inside for high resolution boxed and loose images of this new 6" figure.

Official Product Details For Hasbro SDCC 2019 Exclusives

Pick these Hasbro figures up at SDCC.

Hasbro Promo Package: Full Set of Retro Collection Figures

Take a journey back four decades in time.

Hasbro Promo Package: Retro Collection Early Bird Certificate

A true blast from the past.

Hasbro Press Images: The Black Series 6″ Galaxy’s Edge Exclusive 4-Packs

Get your hands on these new Star Wars multipacks at Galaxy's Edge.

Hasbro Press Images: The Black Series 6″ Figures – Fall 2019 Wave

Look for these new figures to arrive later in the fall.

Hasbro Press Images: The Black Series 6″ Obi-Wan Kenobi Clone Commander & Emperor With...

These new Black Series figures are simply gorgeous.

Hasbro Press Images: TVC Luke Skywalker (Crait), R2-D2, Death Star Gunner, Assault Tank Commander

Add these new TVC figures to your collection today.

Hasbro Press Images: The Vintage Collection Tatooine Skiff and Figure 3-Pack

New high resolution Hasbro images await inside.

Hasbro PR Package: Star Wars Celebration Chicago 2019 Black Series 6″ Exclusives

You'll definitely want to add these 6" figures to your Black Series collection.

Hasbro Press Images: The Vintage Collection Figures on Display at TFNY 2019

Those gorgeous Kenner-inspired cardbacks were on display for fans at Toy Fair.

Hasbro Press Images: The Black Series Figures on Display at TFNY 2019

Hasbro did not have any new TBS figures on display.

Hasbro Press Images: TPM 20th Anniversary Celebration Exclusive Darth Maul & Obi-Wan Kenobi Figures

Be on the lookout for these two figures while you are at Celebration in April.

Hasbro Press Images: The Black Series HyperReal 8″ Darth Vader Figure

An all-new Star Wars figure scale line has been announced.

Hasbro Press Images: Interactive Star Wars Lightsaber Academy

Let Hasbro help you become a lightsaber-wielding master.

Hasbro Press Images: Galaxy of Adventures Figures Wave 3

Catch a closer look at Wave 3.

Pre-Order Black Series 6″ General Grievous Figure Now

Place your pre-order for this new 6" figure today.

Hasbro Press Images: Star Wars Galaxy of Adventures Figures Waves 1 and 2

Come inside for official Hasbro press assets from Waves 1 and 2.

Hasbro Reveals New Micro Force WOW! Product Line

Check out this new addition to the Hasbro Micro Force line.

Hasbro Press Images: Black Series 6″ Battle Droid & Vintage Collection R2-D2

Droids take center stage in this latest round of Star Wars figure reveals.

UPDATED: Hasbro Press Images: Black Series 6″ Padme Amidala & The Vintage Collection Chewbacca

Look for these two new figures in Spring of 2019.

Hasbro Press Images: Black Series Archive Wave 2 Anakin, Yoda, & Biker Scout

We have official high resolution images of these 3 new figures.

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