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Poll: Which Lightsaber Is Your Favorite?

Now this is a difficult question; Which Lightsaber Is Your Favorite? But the team over at StarWars.com are trying to work out which one we all prefer.

Star Wars Fans Direct Traffic With Lightsabers During New York Blackout

Without streetlights or stoplights some good Samaritans took to the streets of New York to help out during the blackout, using lightsabers to help direct traffic.

WAAN Combat Lightsabers Previewed At CES 2019 In Las Vegas

French company Solaari are previewing their WAAN combat lightsaber at CES 2019 in Las Vegas and it's impressive, most impressive!

Star Wars Lightsaber Auction Pulled Over Origin Dispute

A lightsaber listed as Luke Skywalker's weapon from A New Hope has been pulled from Profiles in History's Blockbuster Hollywood Treasures auction.

Mark Hamill Questions Luke Skywalker Lightsaber Auction

Mark Hamill wants to esnure people are aware of what they're bidding on in the upcoming Profiles in History's Blockbuster Hollywood Treasures auction.

Disney Files Patent for Retractable Illuminated Lightsaber

The Walt Disney Company have filed yet another patent for a lightsaber -- the latest application is for a “Sword Device with Retractable, Internally Illuminated Blade”

Jedi News Recommends: Stratagem Sabers

Do you ever dream of having your very own bespoke lightsaber? Our friends at Stratagem Sabers are just be the people you need to speak to.

Jedi News Recommends: Silver Sabres

Silver Sabres is a group of Star Wars fans with a grounding in various martial arts and traditional sword arts who come together to teach us ‘padawans’ the way of the lightsaber.

Watch Airport Workers Fight A ‘Star Wars’ Lightsaber Battle

At a rainy airport, the people who usually wave to help direct planes into their gates wave their illuminated wands in an homage to Star Wars.

Watch These Jedi Masters Make Their Own Lightsaber

Follow Master Marcus LaPorte and Apprentice Adam Ellis, as they use the Force to do some kit-bashing and create custom lightsabers.

‘Jedi Mania’ Hits UK With Epic Lightsaber Duel

Lightsaber combat is a growing sport with clubs for children and adults now popping up across the UK.

Luke’s Blue Lightsaber Sold At Auction For $450,000

An elegant weapon with an equally elegant price tag.

Vintage Camera Flashes Were Used To Create OT Lightsaber Hilts

Learn how lightsabers from the Original Trilogy were created from vintage camera flashes.

Mark Hamill Reunited With His Lightsaber Prop In ‘Pop Culture Quest’ Clip

The Jedi Master meets up with an old friend...

Official Site: When A Lightsaber Changes Hands, A Jedi Takes A New Path

"Next time, try not to lose it. This weapon is your life..."

Five Star Wars Items for Five Fans

What would you buy if you won the jackpot tonight?

Disney Files Patent For Laser Deflecting Lightsabers

Lightsaber toys could be about to get one huge leap in technology:Ever dreamt of being able to wield a mighty lightsaber and have it...

Getting fit Jedi-style at Bristol’s Star Wars-themed lightsaber fitness class

We all want to get fit, and what better way to do that then train with a lightsaber? Jordan Court,...

Weapon of Choice

Of all the various and sundry aliens, vehicles, and technology in the Star Wars universe, you’d be hard-pressed to find...

Art by Frank Stockton: Luke Constructs His Lightsabre

Geek Tyrant have posted three amazing pieces of artwork by artist Frank Stockton, which we are pleased to present right here....

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