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Comic Review: Age of Rebellion – Princess Leia (2019) #1

We review Star Wars: Age fo Rebellion - Princess Leia #1 from Marvel Comics.

Book Review: Leia Organa: Rebel Leader Box

We review Leia Organa: Rebel Leader Box published by Chronicle Books.

Voice of Leia Organa Recast in Star Wars Resistance

Rachel Butara has been replaced by Carolyn Hennesy who voiced Leia in LEGO Star Wars: All-Stars.

John Tyler Christopher Reveals Action Figure Variant Cover of Leia

John Tyler Christopher has taken to Facebook to announce his action figure variant for Star Wars #58 featuring Leia Organa.

James Arnold Taylor Talks to the Five Lovely Ladies of Leia

JAT talks with Julie Dolan, Anna Graves, Misty Lee, Catherine Taber, and Shelby Young about their experiences voicing the galaxies most famous Princess.

LEGO Reveal Three More ‘Star Wars’ BrickHeadz Sets

The fine folks over in Billund knew that you couldn't get enough of their fun BrickHeadz and have announced three more Star Wars sets coming very soon.

New Princess Leia Premium Format Statue Coming From Sideshow

Sideshow’s Princess Leia Premium Format Figure will be the next statue to join their Star Wars collection!

Mark Hamill: ‘I’m Luke Starkiller, I’m Here To Rescue You!'”

Over the weekend, Mark Hamill dropped a "fun fact" about the famous rescue scene from Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope, where his character Luke has to rescue Princess Leia.

40th Anniversary Book Review – ‘Splinter of the Mind’s Eye’

40th Anniversary Book Review - Splinter of the Mind’s Eye

Rian Johnson Justifies THAT Princess Leia Moment In ‘The Last Jedi’

Writer/director Rian Johnson justifies THAT moment with Leia in The Last Jedi.

‘Star Wars Forces Of Destiny’: Leia – A Celebration of Our Favourite Princess

IDW focus on Leia’s resilience and her unbreakable nature in the first of five Forces of Destiny comics focusing on the female characters of Star Wars.

5 Factors that Make Leia One of ‘Star Wars’ Most Inspiring Characters

Becca Benjamin looks at why Leia is such an essential character to the Star Wars story.

Celebration Orlando Giveaway: Women of the Rebellion – The Queen, The Rebel, The Princess...

Check out the four Jedi News postcard giveaways by Matt Busch and Lin Zy.

Celebration Orlando Giveaway: Women of the Rebellion – THE PRINCESS (3 of 4) By...

We reveal our second postcard giveaway for Celebration Orlando with the Princess.

Kodi 18 – “Leia”

In honour of a Princess....

Lucasfilm To Discuss Future Sequel Trilogy Options For Leia, Two Key Scenes Planned

Meetings will be taking place very soon to address the loss of Carrie Fisher from a film perspective.

Leia Was Set To Have A Major Role In Episode IX As Well

We were slated to see more of Leia in the final film in the Sequel Trilogy.

Millie Bobby Brown On Princess Leia: “I Would Love A Role Like That”

Could Millie Bobby Brown one day be the actress to play a young Leia Organa?

Art Tribute To Carrie Fisher On Southend Sea Front

Southend sea front now has its own memorial to the princess

Sources Say Leia Will Have A Larger Role In Episode VIII

We could be seeing more of General Leia on screen in Episode VIII if this rumor is true.

John Knoll Discusses ILM Magic In ‘Rogue One’

Get the inside scoop on how Lucasfilm was able to include iconic Star Wars characters in Rogue One.

Gareth Edwards Plays Coy On Leia, R2-D2 In Rogue One

Gareth Edwards isn't spilling the beans on these two iconic characters.

Carrie Fisher On Why Han And Leia Split Up

Why did Han and Leia break up? Carrie Fisher has the answers...

Loyalty and Duty: The Bond Between a Scoundrel and a Princess

Mike DeRose takes a look at the relationship between Han Solo and Princess Leia...

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