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BBC Asks ‘Are Star Wars Toys Holding Their Value?’

The BBC, with the help of some familiar names, looks to see if Star Wars toys are still holding their value.

Vectis Auctions Sells Vintage Kenner Bib Fortuna Prototype for £36k

Yesterday at Vectis Auctions in the UK, a prototype Kenner Bib Fortuna action figure sold for £36,000.

Vintage Kenner Star Wars Action Figures in Toy Story 4 Trailer

Vintage Kenner Star Wars action figures feature in the full-length Toy Story 4 trailer.

POTF2 – The Rebirth of a Star Wars Collector

Steve Galloway recently wrote a guest article for Tatooine Times and we wanted to share it with our audience here at Jedi News.

New ‘Star Wars’ Collectable Items Compared To The Classic Ones?

Star Wars collecting has come a long way over the past 41 years -- from the very first articulated figures to today,

TFNY 2018: Trends International, Vintage Kenner Action Figure Calendar

You gotta check out this vintage Kenner wall calendar.

Vinyl Cape Jawa Stolen – Your Help is Needed!

PSA: Help Simon Wright find his Vinyl Cape Jawa, stolen during shipping between Australia and the UK.

Video: The Evolution Of ‘Star Wars’ Toys

40 years and still going strong.

This Day In ‘Star Wars’ History: The Kenner Toy Deal

It doesn't get much better than this.

‘Star Wars’ Total Franchise Revenue

Star Wars is the big dog of the yard, in more ways than one.

The Italian Cape-r

Richard Hutchinson takes a look at an Italian job

I Remember When Toys Were Only £1.99!

Richard takes a look at some classic finds

A Norse Discovery

Richard takes a look at a recent find in Norway

Official Site: From A Certain Point Of View: Which Kenner Star Wars Figure Was...

From A Certain Point Of View returns over at StarWars.com pitching Pixel Dan Eardley and Matt Dracula against each...

Official Site: The Vintage Vault: These Are The Kenner Toys You’re Looking For

Tim Veekhoven takes a look at some of the most beloved toys of all time, the Kenner Star Wars range...

This Day In Star Wars History: Kenner Announces Star Wars License

You may not have even been born yet. Or you were too young to understand what it meant. Or your childhood days were...

Official Blog: Wampas and Tauntauns and Dianogas, Oh My: Kenner’s Star Wars Creature Toys

Enjoy the latest official blog post from Tim Veekhoven in which he takes us down memory lane with a review of the...

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