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John Knoll to be Honored with Sci-Tech Award from The Academy

ILM's John Knoll will be honored at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences’ Scientific and Technical Awards Presentation on Feb. 9 2019.

SyFyWire: Adam Savage Interviews John Knoll

Over at SyFyWire Adam Savage Interviews ILM chief XO John Knoll.

‘Rogue One’ Was Initially Pitched As A Live-Action TV Series Project

The plan was for Rogue One to be seen on much smaller screens.

John Knoll Talks ‘Rogue One’ VFX With Slashfilm

Hear more from Knoll on the creation of the blockbuster Star Wars standalone film.

John Knoll Has An Idea For Another ‘Star Wars’ Standalone Film

The wheels are turning for another standalone film from this ILM genius.

John Knoll On ‘Rogue One’s Visual Effects: Part 2

John Knoll discussed the CG vehicle models from Rogue One with American Cinematographer.

John Knoll On ‘Rogue One’s Visual Effects: Part 1

John Knoll gets inside the VFX of Rogue One with American Cinematographer.

American Cinematographer Magazine Goes Rogue In February

Look out for American Cinematographer magazine in February as they have a series of features, and a cover story on the making of Rogue One.

Rogue One CGI: Matching Memories vs Reality

False memories, recalling something especially from our childhood that didn't actually occur or appear quite how we recall. This issue was actually considered by ILM in there design work on Rogue One as John Knoll explains.

‘Rogue One’ VFX Leads Talk About Combining Practical Effects With CG

Finding the perfect balance was key in developing Rogue One.

John Knoll On Including ‘Star Wars Rebels’ Elements In ‘Rogue One’

John Knoll talks about the Star Wars Rebels/Rogue One connection.

Art of VFX Chats With John Knoll About ‘Rogue One’

Art of VFX discusses the magic of Rogue One with John Knoll

What Happened To The Crew Of The Hammerhead Corvette In ‘Rogue One’?

More on the unsung heroes of Rogue One from ILM's John Knoll.

John Knoll On The Inspiration For Jyn Erso And Her Character Name

How did Jyn Erso get her name?

io9: Adding Ships To ‘Rogue One’

Iconic ships appearing in the background of Star Wars projects doesn't happen by accident

John Knoll Discusses ILM Magic In ‘Rogue One’

Get the inside scoop on how Lucasfilm was able to include iconic Star Wars characters in Rogue One.

Vanity Fair Focus On Rogue One‘s VFX Guru John Knoll

John Knoll - the man you can thank for Rogue One

John Knoll On Darth Vader’s Rogue One Costume, Visual Direction Of The Film

Some Rogue One insight from John Knoll is always must-read material.

WIRED Spotlight On ILM’s John Knoll

Learn more about the genius that is Mr. John Knoll.

Star Wars Celebration Europe: John Knoll Death Star Animation

I bet George Lucas wished he had this available back in 1976 when he was shooting the original. Check out...

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