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‘Star Wars Adventures’: Annual 2018 – Preview Code

Jon Saommariva has revealed he’s illusrtating a 28 page story for the IDW Star Wars Adventures 2018 Annual.

John Jackson Millers Returns To ‘Star Wars’ Comics In ‘Star Wars Adventures’

John Jackson Miller returns to Star Wars comics in Star Wars Adventures.

RADIO 1138: Episode 60

Join Team Jedi News as they bring RADIO 1138 to the Celebration Orlando 2017 podcast stage.

Ausfans Radio: Episode 31: Trek Special with John Jackson Miller

John Jackson Miller discusses his latest Star Trek novel at Ausfans...

John Jackson Miller: A New Dawn Interview

Jedi News chat once again to John Jackson MIller...

John Jackson Miller Talks Star Wars: A New Dawn And The New Canon At...

Jeremy Konrad got the chance to chat with A New Dawn author John Jackson Miller at San Diego Comic Con 2014 about...

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