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Harrison Ford Says Filming For Indiana Jones 5 Should Begin Next Year

Cameras are expected to start rolling on this new Indy adventure in 2020.

Indiana Jones 5 Remains On Schedule For July 9, 2021

We're still on course to experience Indy 5 in 2021.

Release Date For ‘Indiana Jones 5’ Pushed Back To July 9, 2021

We're gonna have to wait a little longer for our next Indy adventure.

Sources: ‘Indiana Jones 5’ To Miss July 2020 Release Date

New writer = new production timetable.

Report: Jonathan Kasdan Replacing David Koepp As Writer For ‘Indiana Jones 5’

How much of the story will be changing?

Harrison Ford Will Reportedly Earn Over $10M For ‘Indiana Jones 5’

Ford's pockets will not be light with this film.

Steven Spielberg: Filming For ‘Indiana Jones 5’ To Begin In UK April 2019

Just over a year away from cameras rolling in the UK.

Harrison Ford Talks Indiana Jones On ‘The Graham Norton Show’ (UK)

Harrison Ford was a guest on last night's The Graham Norton Show where he spoke about Blade Runner 2049 and Indiana Jones.

Shia LaBeouf’s Mutt Williams Won’t Appear In ‘Indiana Jones 5’

A controversial character from the last Indy film will not be coming back in 2020.

Official Release Dates For Episode IX And New ‘Indiana Jones’ Film

Find out when you'll be visiting your local theater for these upcoming films.

David Koepp Provides An Update On Indiana Jones 5; George Lucas Is Not Involved

We get this latest update on the fifth Indiana Jones film courtesy of the film's writer David Koepp.

George Lucas To Serve As Executive Producer On Indiana Jones 5

I'm treading very lightly on this story given the source of the info, but I've been unable to find a secondary source confirming what...

Steven Spielberg Confirms John Williams Will Score Indiana Jones 5

Yesterday it was reported that director Steven Spielberg had found the desired MacGuffin that will be in play for the upcoming fifth Indiana Jones...

Steven Spielberg Says They Have The MacGuffin For New Indiana Jones Film

Very little has been officially revealed concerning the development of the fifth Indiana Jones film to date, which makes sense given it won't be...

Frank Marshall Says More Indiana Jones Sequels Could Happen

We have already received official (and extremely exciting) confirmation from Disney that a fifth film in the Indiana Jones franchise will be arriving on July 19,...

Harrison Ford Discusses Han Solo And Indiana Jones On Jimmy Kimmel

I don't know what they did to the old Harrison Ford but this quirky new guy who's a dream to have on chat shows...

David Koepp Chosen To Write The Script For Fifth Indiana Jones Film

Via The Hollywood Reporter we have learned earlier today that director Steven Spielberg has selected David Koepp to write the script for the recently-announced...

Frank Marshall Tweets “We’re Back” About Return Of Indiana Jones To The Big Screen

To celebrate yesterday's exciting news about Harrison Ford donning the iconic fedora and whip for a fifth time as Indiana Jones come the summer of...

Steven Spielberg, Harrison Ford Set To Return In Indiana Jones 5 On July 19,...

The wait is FINALLY over! The official announcement fellow Indy fans around the globe have been eagerly anticipating for the past few years since...

John Rhys-Davies Wants To Return As Sallah In Next Indiana Jones Film

John Rhys-Davies has revealed via an article posted on Digital Spy that he has a desire to reprise his role as Indiana Jones'...

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