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Lucasfilm Extra Credits Video: ILM’s Brendan Byrd

Learn more about ILM's Motion Capture Technician.

Industrial Light & Magic VFX Workshop at State Library of Queensland Next Month

Luke Hetherington, executive in charge of Industrial Light & Magic (ILM) Singapore and Sydney studios, will present a VFX Workshop at the State Library of Queensland in the afternoon of Thursday November 21st, 2019.

ILMxLAB’s Vicki Dobbs Beck Honored by Advanced Imaging Society

ILMxLAB's Vicki Dobbs Beck is one of ten women to be named by the Advanced Imaging Society to receive the organization’s 2019 Distinguished Leadership Award on October 28th 2019.

Lucasfilm Extra Credits: Learn More About ILM Senior Compositor Charmaine Chan

Industrial Light & Magic's Charmaine Chan discusses her work as a Senior Compositor.

Lucasfilm BTS Video: Story Drives Everything

Take a closer look inside Lucasfilm, Industrial Light & Magic, and Skywalker Sound.

Industrial Light & Magic Set to Open New Studio in Sydney

The ILM name continues to grow and grow.

Book Review: Industrial Light & Magic Presents: Making Solo: A Star Wars Story by...

We review Industrial Light & Magic Presents: Making Solo: A Star Wars Story by Rob Bredow, published by Abrams Books.

Academy Awards 2019 – Best Picture Producer Dedicates Award to Carrie Fisher

The producer of Green Book, Charles B. Wessler, dedicates the film to Carrie Fisher.

ILM: The Creation of the Kessel Environment from Solo: A Star Wars Story

A glimpse behind the magic of Solo: A Star Wars Story and the visual effects of creating the Kessel environment.

Rob Bredow Reveals Secrets Hidden in Holochess Scene in Solo: A Star Wars Story

Rob Bredow from ILM shares some hidden designs in the Holochess scene from Solo: A Star Wars Story that never made the original films.

ILM Win Big at the 17th Annual VES Awards

ILM won 6 awards at the 17th Annual VES Awards last night.

Rob Bredow and Richard E. Grant at Oscar Nominees Lunch

Rob Bredow and Richard E. Grant attended the Oscar nominees lunch in LA yesterday.

Oscar Nominations 2019 – VFX Nod for Solo: A Star Wars Story

The Academy have announced the nominees for the 91st Academy Awards, including one nomination for Solo: A Star Wars Story for Visual Effects.

17 Nominations For ILM At The 17th Annual VES Awards

It’s award season for the film industry and ILM have received a staggering 17 nominations for the 17th Annual VES Awards.

Are Academy Awards Voters Biased Against VFX Movies?

Here's an interesting article from Variety that looks at a potential bias against VFX movies by Academy Awards voters.

Academy Unveils 2019 Oscar Shortlists

ILM are shortlisted for six out of the ten films at the 91st Academy Awards, including Solo: A Star Wars Story.

John Knoll to be Honored with Sci-Tech Award from The Academy

ILM's John Knoll will be honored at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences’ Scientific and Technical Awards Presentation on Feb. 9 2019.

ILM Behind the Magic – Solo: A Star Wars Story – Corellia Chase

ILM share a glimpse at the opening sequence of Solo: A Star Wars Story and the visual effects used to create Corellia.

ILM Celebrate the Classes of 1998 and 1988

This week ILM celebrated the classes of 1998 and 1988 with 20 and 30-year Service Awards.

Industrial Light & Magic Announces New ILM TV Division

The division will be based out of ILM’s new 47,000 square foot London studio.

ILM’s Rob Bredow Talks VFX in Solo and The Mandalorian

Ahead of his View Conference keynote on October 23rd, Rob Bredow spoke to Variety about the future of VFX and playing in the Star Wars galaxy.

Willow at 30 with Visual Effects Wizards Inc. Dennis Muren

At a 30th anniversary screening of Willow at Lucasfilm, ILM veterans Dennis Muren, Jean Bolte, and Doug Smythe shared insights about the VFX in the film.

StarWars.com and Elstree Studios Remember Gary Kurtz

StarWars.com, Elstree Studios, the Academy and ILM Visual Effects remember Gary Kurtz.

Book Review: ‘Inside The Star Wars Empire – A Memoir’ By Bill Kimberlin

We review 'Inside the Star Wars Emprie - A Memoir' by Bill Kimberlin.

Cinefex Shine the Spotlight on ILM’s Todd Vaziri

Cinefex continues its series of spotlight interviews asking movie magicians what makes them tick, it's the turn of ILM's Todd Vaziri.

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