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Exclusive Excerpt from The Merry Rise of Skywalker by Ian Doescher

StarWars.com shares an exclusive excerpt from The Merry Rise of Skywalker, the final book in the celebrated retelling of the Skywalker Saga by Ian Doescher in his Star Wars as Shakespeare series.

Checketh Out the Cover to The Merry Rise of Skywalker

StarWars.com gives us a first look at the final installment of the acclaimed series of books celebrating The Skywalker Saga by reimagining Star Wars as Shakespeare.

Quirk Books: “William Shakespeare’s Jedi The Last” By Ian Doescher

Ian Doescher's parody books are set to continue with the upcoming release of "William Shakespeare's Jedi the Last".

Ian Doescher Looks At The Politics Of ‘Rogue One’

Ian Doescher, the author of the William Shakespeare Star Wars series of books, has looked at the politics of Rogue One for Politico.

Star Wars: A Rogue One Sonnet

Ian Doescher writes a sonnet about the visual poetry of Rogue One

Jedi News Book Review: The Tragedy Of The Sith’s Revenge

The prequel trilogy comes to an end...

Bombad Radio Episode 176: Ian Doescher on Shakespeare and Star Wars oh and Jake...

It's time to join James and Jeremiah on the latest edition of Bombad Radio. James and Jeremiah return with...

Official Blog: Studying Skywalkers: Ian Doescher Makes Classroom Appearance

Dan Zehr brings us his latest entry over at The Official Star Wars Blog as he looks at the classroom...

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