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Carded Images of Hot Wheels The Mandalorian, Jet Trooper, & Sith Trooper Character Cars

Add these new Character Cars to your Hot Wheels collection.

Hot Wheels Reveals Character Car For The Mandalorian

The lone gunfighter rolls into action.

TFNY 2019: Mattel/Hot Wheels

Image Gallery from New York Toy Fair, featuring products from Mattel/Hot Wheels featuring the new Jar Jar Character Car.

TFNY 2019: Hot Wheels R5-D4 and R2-Q5 Character Cars Revealed

Two new droids join the Character Car series.

TFNY 2019: Hot Wheels Jar Jar Binks Character Car Revealed

The polarizing Gungan from Episode I makes his debut appearance as a Character Car.

Carded Images Of Hot Wheels Chewbacca & Porg And TIE Pilot Character Cars

Be on the lookout for these two new Character Cars at a store near you.

A Hot Wheels Nien Nunb Character Car Is On The Way

Nien Nunb will be joining the Character Car series.

SDCC 2018: Photos From Hot Wheels Booth, New Chewbacca & TIE Pilot Cars

New Character Cars to add to the collection!

Hot Wheels Qi’ra, Range Trooper, & Enfys Nest Character Cars Found At Retail

New Character Cars from the standalone film have hit retail store pegs.

Reminder: These Hot Wheels ‘Solo’ Character Cars Are On The Way

Keep an eye out for this second batch of Solo Character Cars.

Mattel: Barbie & Hot Wheels Softens Toys ‘R’ Us Blow

Mattel's revenue dip beats analyst expectations as Barbie and Hot Wheels are just flying off the shelves.

More Carded & Loose Images Of ‘Solo’ Hot Wheels Character Cars

The summer will also see the release of several new Character Cars from the standalone film.

TFNY 2018: Mattel Collector Event, New ‘Solo’ Character Cars Revealed

Battle Rollers and Character Cars led the way.

Carded Image Of Hot Wheels Ahsoka Tano Character Car

This car just looks so cool.

Carded Image Of Hot Wheels Saw Gerrera ‘Rogue One’ Character Car

Will he be too extreme for your collection?

Hot Wheels Spins Out New Stylized ‘Star Wars’ Battle Rollers

New stylized Star Wars Battle Rollers from Mattel feature ball bearings to extend each vehicle’s momentum; they look great too!

Carded Images Of Hot Wheels IG-88 And Wampa Character Cars

Be on the lookout for these two new Character Cars.

Mattel Hot Wheels Master & Apprentice Series

Mattel have launched a new series of eight vehicles featuring 'Master vs Apprentice' from the Star Wars Galaxy. Here's a checklist of the eight...

Product Photos Of Hot Wheels Scout Trooper Character Car

Too bad you can't see the smile on my face.

High Res Images Of Hot Wheels Rose Tico ‘The Last Jedi’ Character Car

Get a closer look at this new Character Car from Episode VIII.

First Look At Rose Tico Hot Wheels Character Car

See what design has been chosen for Rose's Episode VIII Character Car.

New Hot Wheels Character Cars For Scout Trooper, Ahsoka Tano, Rose, & More

Several new Star Wars Character Cars are on the way from Hot Wheels.

‘Star Wars’ Day 2017: Hot Wheels ‘Star Wars: A New Road’ Parody Video

Hot Wheels character cars get in on the Star Wars Day action.

Images Of Celebration Orlando 2017 Exclusive Hot Wheels Biggs Darklighter Car

Be sure to grab this Hot Wheels car for your collection this weekend.

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